So sorry to hear about Maui… Now listen to this guy


It makes you wonder what really happened, which shouldn’t be surprising…

Houses are all nice and well… And then came the fire…

We all know what this is. it is clear as day that we are not looking at a natural disaster but rather a man made one.

Can you see it.. make it make sense…

The Lahaina Fire was intentionally set to depopulate Maui and pave the way for a buyout of all property owners…

Ellison already owns the nearby island of Lanai. Oprah amassed 2,000 acres and Bezos has his eyes on it too.

Guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. I am sure no children burned alive because they were taken to the satanic adrenochrome rituals at Oprah’s Ellisons’s Bezos’s and Zuckerberg’s for next big satanic holiday. Their currency is adrenochrome they would not waste the children it is sourced from. Ukraine is the same. All these disasters are just a means to take the children. Every war, every disaster the children can’t ever be accounted for. It is what war is for.

  2. I feel bad for them, so very sad. They have been voting Democrat Marxist for YEARS. Marxists do not believe in private property for ‘the masses,’ only the elite of the Party. Like Bill Gates, Oprah, Zuckerberg, etc. Now they have been set upon and will be destroyed by the people they voted for… Communist Democrats.

  3. everything left untouched should be bulldozed if the locals can,t rebuild flatten everything remaining
    and turn the whole area into a nature reserve

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