Historic blizzard in Canada shuts down everything from roads and flights to provincial government offices and schools

Extreme blizzard hits Labrador in Canada in November 2020
Extreme blizzard hits Labrador in Canada in November 2020

We are clearly in a mini ice-age! And the latest example of this always colder temperature blast happened last Tuesday in Labrador, Canada.

While a major cyclone was threatening Somalia, a record-setting blizzard shut down parts of Labrador, forcing the closures of roads, provincial government offices and flights. Moreover, schools closed their doors in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, North West River and the regional College of the North Atlantic campus.

At one point during the storm, snow was falling at an unbelievable rate of 5-10 cm an hour.

As you understand, what experienced Labrador on Tuesday was a real extreme weather event that had already buried Ontario and Quebec in heavy snow last weekend… And drenched Newfounland with heavy rains through Tuesday.

Snow records

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Labrador blizzard in Canada. Picture TWN

Happy Valley-Goose Bay received 75 cm of snow in 2 days. The previous two-day November record was 70.6 cm.

The heavy snow storm also broke Happy Valley-Goose Bay one-day monthly record with 46.6 cm received on Tuesday (previous record was of 40.6 cm).

It is the 5th time in the town’s history, that a 70+ cm snowfall event has been recorded.

Powerful winds

Powerful winds with gusts between 80-90 km/h also made for treacherous travel conditions and prompted Environment Canada to issue blizzard warnings, urging drivers to avoid any unnecessary travel.

Pictures and videos

Below are some pictures and videos of this record-setting blizzard:

An pretty strong snowstorm with blizzard conditions, isn’t it? Hope you guys in Labrador are ok! More extreme weather events on The Weather Network, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  4. We have told you major quakes are coming with partial elipise of moon and full moon on 29 NOV and 30 , still we are shaking from double full on OCT 2020 and i have driven in the massive snow falls just followed the truck. Of course it was years back. Canada gets very ugly so soon , that is why we stay in BC. Still total lock down we can not come to USA.

  5. The offset of the north American snow loss it is part of the longer cycle if you look at 1700s northern asia you will see less snow fall more churches and old wooden buildings, less in northern Canada now warmer in northern canada colder over eurasia.

  6. This is normal in most other parts of Canada, it happens, actually every winter it happens, than the snow plow goes by your drive way, that happens too and results in lots of cursing.

  7. Doesn’t fit the global warming scam. We were headed for a mini ice age for the last 50 years.
    Minnesota has crazy weather in Winter. -42° windchill. Had that weather before.
    One neighbor went outside, tipped over in his wheelchair, and expired one night. Very easy to die.

    • Another part that is fun. People get out the snowmobiles. People have basements and garages all decked out too. Pool tables, game rooms, and they try and ride it out. The kids can make snowmen, have snow ball wars. It’s not all bad. Easier to track animals you are hunting. Ice fishing. Get the Sorrel boots. Those are worth the money.

    • Don’t forget, if you run out of chopped dry wood, you can chop some more, and dry logs in the oven on warm. I had to do that a few times.
      I also made a kindling machine. I take logs and put them in an old washing machine on the range. Once you drill some slugs into the machine, you go out, open the lid, and take out the splinters into your kindling box. They stay dry enough usually too. You can put splinters into an old sock, add some lighter fluid, and put that under the bigger kindling, and logs. Start up the fireplace or wood burning stove.

      • Our snow storm hit this AM. I use solar. Days like these, you go fire up the generator and invert power to the batteries.
        There are solutions for indoor heat. I use a propane bottle to a space heater. Usually, the wood bruning stove will heat the house, but it is disconnected for the remodeling.
        I can get approximately 72 hours of heat from a 5 gallon bottle. You can get larger BTU propane space heaters for more cubic feet of house. Those little heaters have built in safety devices, anti-tip over, etc. Not expensive. Electric blankets with two controllers, on low heat, and one side only use 17W. Also cheap heat.

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