Babies now have extra plastic!

microplastic placenta, microplastic found in placenta, placenta microplastic study
Fore the first time ever, scientists have found microplastics in placenta of healthy mothers. Picture: Just One Ocean

Microplastics have already been found before in oceans, soil, fish and mammals, and even ontop of the Alps.

Now, for the first time ever, researchers have found microplastics in the placenta of healthy moms, showing just how pervasive these tiny particles can be, not just in our environment, but also within our bodies.

Of great concern

All six women who participated were healthy, and their pregnancies were uneventful.

In the four placentas, researchers found 12 particles of plastic.

Four were found in the side that interacts with the mother, five were found in the foetal side, and three were found in the chorioamniotice membranes that surround the fetus itself.

microplastic placenta, microplastic found in placenta, placenta microplastic study, Plastic particles found in placenta, Plastic particles found in placenta of healthy mothers
Plastic particles found in placenta of healthy mothers. Picture: Science Direct

It is unknown how these particles ended up in the placenta. Researchers speculate they made their way through the parents’ respiratory system or gastrointestinal tract.

It’s still unclear what implications microplastics have on human health. Further studies are needed to assess if the presence of [microplastics] in human placenta may trigger immune responses or may lead to the release of toxic contaminants.

Due to the crucial role of placenta in supporting the foetus development and in acting as an interface between the latter and the external environment, the presence of exogenous and potentially harmful (plastic) microparticles is a matter of great concern.

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  1. We are in Twilight Zones now everything you see it may not seems rightly to any one. Have you taken your vaccines lets you have a poll here just say yes or no.
    I have not taken will not taken any vaccines covid19 Until firing squad. What about You?

  2. You can taste the difference in products that are plastic wrapped or bottled.
    I get my old milk bottles out, and pour plastic containered juice in them, then back in the icebox.
    Back in the day, kids went hunting the dirt lots for glass bottles to return for deposit. Then we hunted aluminum cans when recycling became popular.
    You had a basket or box rack on your bike, and then you rode down to the store to return. We bought baseball cards with the money, or a comic book.
    I still don’t like plastics around my food, but it’s prevalent, so i save all my homemade jam jars, and resuse them on leftovers.

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