Happy Easter!


Wishing you a very Happy Easter filled with JOY, HAPPINESS and PEACE!

Catch you in a few days again…

Have a great Easter weekend,


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  1. Easter is Pagan, Passover is biblical. When Jesus told us not to be deceived, talking about signs of the end times, Easter vs Passover is one of those deceptions He was warning about. Christmas is another that is NOT biblical. If you doubt this, look up the origins of these Pagan celebrations.

  2. So, I am confused. Did Jesus tell a lie when he said he would resurrect from the dead after three days and three nights? Something doesn’t add up. We have a conflict here. A contradiction. Who’s telling the truth? Jesus, or traditional religion?

  3. Happy Holidays is it better .50cal lol….
    Mohamed endorsed this massage lol…
    What can we say my friends i guess stick a tape in our mouth’s?

    • Well, people need to know more than what the tv/media deceivers tells them.
      Happy Holiday for you and your family too, Mo.

  4. I celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

    Easter(ishtar) is a heathen term. It celebrates fertility and paganism. Kids don’t know, and think celebrating eggs, bunnies, ducklings is what the Holy Day is all about. That is why we have such a heathen society. People have been fooled and deceived.

    • Don’t forget, Christ died for our sins. That is a blessing. We can Repent and achieve Salvation through Christ.

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