This is why their coffee is so addictive! Swiss police seize 500kg of cocaine at Nespresso factory


When traveling by train to my parents I always pass in front of the Nespresso factory in Romont… Today, Swiss police seized 500kg of cocaine in this building… Now I understand why that coffee is so effective…

Swiss police have seized more than 500kg of cocaine from a shipment of coffee beans delivered to a Nespresso plant.

Workers at the plant in Romont, in the western Swiss canton of Fribourg, alerted authorities to a mysterious white powder found in sacks of coffee beans, police said.

Staff at the coffee capsule maker, owned by Swiss food giant Nestlé, “found an undetermined white substance when they unloaded the freshly delivered sacks of coffee beans,” Fribourg police said on Thursday.

Police analysis determined the substance was cocaine. A search of five shipping containers “delivered the same day by train allowed for the seizure of more than 500kg of this drug,” police added.

Police said they set up a large security perimeter around the factory during the operation, which also involved a large contingent of customs officers.

The units containing the drugs were isolated, and the substance did not contaminate production at the plant, the statement said.

The initial investigation indicated the shipment originated in Brazil, police said, adding that the seized cocaine was determined to be more than 80% pure, with an estimated street value of over 50m Swiss francs (£41m).

It appears that all of the drugs were destined for the European market,” police said. [Guardian]

Or for inside the capsules? In any cases, it looks bad for Nestle… is now running ad-free CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. I remember buying Columbian coffee bean hashish back in the early 1970’s. The hash was stamped into the same shape as coffee beans, so visually they looked the same. They also smelled like coffee, having been in bags packed with other bags full of real coffee beans. When I broke them open, they were a yellowish color inside, and so good……..!

  2. Well in the 1930 Pepsi used cocaine to addict people to Pepsi Coca Cola and so on. Do not drink these is not good for your over all.

    • I didn’t know Pepsi did that. Coca cola did use actual cocaine. One of my father’s friends told me that back when I was a teenager. You’re right about soda pop, it isn’t good for people. I like homemade ice coffee #1 and grape lemonade #2, for daytime beverages.

      • Yes .50cal my friends all drinks has cocaine in it or very similar content. If i drink Pepsi or Coke i will have to drink it for several days until i quit myself back other wise so much money spent for nothing and poor health.

  3. Cocaine smugglers have used shipments of coffee to hide the smell from K-9 police dogs in the past. Pretty sure their coffee isn’t weak in the bean with that kind of weight in there. Off to prison they go.

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