Hurricane Ian starts lashing South Carolina after leaving at least 21 reported dead and millions without power across Florida – Sheriff: Fatalities are in the hundreds

Hurricane Ian starts lashing South Carolina after leaving at least 21 reported dead and millions without power across Florida
Hurricane Ian starts lashing South Carolina after leaving at least 21 reported dead and millions without power across Florida. Picture: Wilfredo Lee

As much of Florida takes stock Friday of apocalyptic damage – with searchers still checking for people in need and millions without power – deadly Hurricane Ian has begun lashing South Carolina, where an expected afternoon landfall threatens more lethal flooding and enough force to alter the coastal landscape.

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With at least 21 deaths reported in Florida, Ian restrengthened to a Category 1 storm in the Atlantic and was barreling toward South Carolina with sustained core winds of 85 mph as of 8 a.m. ET Friday.

Its center was due to move onto land between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, forecasters said, with winds up to 73 mph already hitting much of the Carolinas’ coast and life-threatening storm surge and hurricane conditions expected within hours.

A sheriff even said Hurricane Ian ‘fatalities are in the hundreds…’

“This is a dangerous storm that will bring high winds and a lot of water,” South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster tweeted. “Be smart, make good decisions, check on your loved ones, and stay safe.”

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Meanwhile, Florida confronts the dizzying destruction Ian wrought through much of the peninsula Wednesday and Thursday after it smashed into the southwest coast as a Category 4 storm and plowed through central and northeastern areas. Homes on the coast were washed out to sea, buildings were smashed throughout the state, and floodwater ruined homes and businesses and trapped residents, even inland in places like the Orlando area.

Hundreds of rescues have taken place by land, air and sea, with residents stuck in homes or stranded on rooftops, and searchers have made many wellness checks, especially in the Fort Myers and Naples areas, where feet of storm surge inundated streets and homes.

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And now, the storm’s aftermath poses new, deadly dangers of its own. Some standing water is electrified, officials warned, while maneuvering through debris-strewn buildings and streets – many without working traffic signals – risks injury. Lack of air conditioning can lead to heat illness, and improper generator use can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Here a live channel to follow the clash in the Carolinas…

In North Port between Fort Myers and Sarasota, Rosanna Walker stood Thursday in the flood-damaged home where she rode out the storm. Part of her drywall ceiling was hanging down.

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“And all of a sudden, the water was coming in through the doors – the top, the bottom, the windows over here,” she told CNN’s John Berman. “It’s all in my closets; I’ve got to empty out my closets.”

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  1. Desantis cannot save a peninsula from flooding nor losing lives via it. Same is true for all mankind and governors unless you’re still blinded by the “you are a god”/shamanism lie. This Roman Catholic “savior” man and his MOTB jab-daddy Drumbf are perfectly in line with the looming alien arrival deception – the fallen ones/Nephilim are returning to Earth via the jabbed babies/soulless CRISPR black-eyed babies to terrorize America, Japan and beyond.

      • Black eyed babies are returning via the jabbed moms/dads who procreated. They can already sit up since birth and are much more developed than human babies, yet soulless and can climb up fridges without getting hurt. I’m not making this up, but it’s harder to find since YouTube took down vaxxine truth videos to please the neurodiversity crowd and WEF/UN. This is much worse than already terrible Hurricane Ian but no one wants to talk about the NWO that’s flooding the entire world.

  2. Governor DeSantis gave the scumbags (that would be looters) a message, that is, Don’t loot. Florida is a Second Ammendment State!

    See, a real American telling the crooks what’s up. Gotta love that!

    • —msnbc bigot, joy reid equated DeSantis speech with a 1967 segregationist’s speech on looting. Of course, joy reid only thinks black people loot.

      These people are asinine. They show their ass daily. Oikophobia is the leftist disease that has ruined America.

  3. 50,
    The New Madrid event is supposed to create a 50′ tidal surge on the east coast. Seems that will wash completely over Florida. I hope this current event encourages folks to get out now. If what they say is true, then this is just a warm-up. Time will tell. But if you are still in Florida, when you get proof, it’s too late.

    • Gary,
      I am not sure how far inland a 50′ tidal surge would reach, but no way will I ever be a flatlander again. I haven’t been on flatland in six years. Mountain life is for me. My surfing and beach sports days are long over. I can always take a deep sea fishing vacation.

      • When the New Madrid event happens because South America is pushing on the North American plate to the West. The weak point is the New Madrid Fault along the Mississippi, it also creates a tear out at the edge of the North American plate at the Atlantic Rift. Water rushes in and rebounds. Creates a 50′ east coast tidal wave. A much bigger one heads to Europe, because of the Gulf Stream. It is supposed to be a Biblical event. This is why Federal Government agencies have quietly moved to Denver. And Billionaires have set up retreats away from the coasts.

  4. Once the water subsides there will be dead people and pets all over the place. Gary is right. Probably shouldn’t be living 100 miles from any coast. Especially now, with heavy population density and stupidity. More stupid people equates to more competition for resources, crime, and obstacles to get around during emergency situations.

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