That’s depressing! Lake Mead water levels over the years (video and graphs)

Lake Mead water level 2022
Lake Mead water level 2022. via NASA satellite imagery

What’s going to happen when the water runs out? That’s when the water wars start!

Another way to understand understand where we are with Lake Mead is looking at those graphs of water level and, more importantly, storage over the years…

Lake Mead water height
Lake Mead water height

The observant reader will notice a pattern of rapidly varying water height in the Lake Mead chart above from 1935 until the mid-1960s, after which the water level became more consistent in the short term. My theory is this smoothing was caused by the fact that Lake Powell, upstream from Lake Mead, began to fill in 1966, taking 17 years to fill completely (that would take us to 1983).

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It is reasonable to assume the people overseeing this filling operation took more water for Lake Powell at times of rapid flow, thus smoothing out the flow peaks and troughs that were seen in Lake Mead beforehand. Since that time I would guess that Lake Powell now absorbs the annual peaks and troughs once seen in the Lake Mead data, and acts as a buffer for Lake Mead.

Lake Mead water storage
Lake Mead water storage

Note that storage is getting really low, because storage is not linear with water level. The amount of water in a foot of level is higher when the level is higher, because the area of the lake is much larger. When the lake is low, it is much smaller. It’s more like a funnel than a bathtub.

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Here are the corresponding water height and water storage for Lake Powell:

Lake Powell water height
Lake Powell water height
Lake Powell water storage
Lake Powell water storage.

Same here, wtaer height and water storage are diminishing dramatically…

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  2. To all the regulars here….as regards info on reservoir water levels, I highly recommend a youtube channel called Time Bomb.

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  5. I think they are draining them. But because the New Madrid is due, and they are worried about dam failure from earthquakes. Same with those in California.

  6. Last two days up in the mountains we had good rain. Are the satanic elitists creating a water shortage by draining off water? Something is hinkey. Water levels have been a news crisis fest since 2001 for both lakes. Makes one wonder if they are draining water to help promote the BS global warming agenda. Electroverse data shows we are on a cooling trend. Winters will be colder too. More snow pack. Last few seasons up here have had cooler Spring/ Summer temperatures.

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