The elites exploit/influence new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate the truth that people might be searching for online

The elite exploit/influence new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate the truth that people might be searching for online
The elite exploit/influence new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate the truth that people might be searching for online

There are different ways to cover up the TRUTH. One of them, much in use right now, is to use new movie titles, album covers, and online articles to obfuscate the truth that people might be searching for online, in other words, to mislead the populace…

The latest example in date are the ridiculous posts about a “demonic portal” over the Whitehouse. These articles are attempts to misdirect people searching for information about the electronic Twitter portal used by government to unconstitutionally tell them what to censor.

These absurd essays are a Planned Obfuscation so people have trouble finding information about the Twitter portals used by the government and the CDC to unconstitutionally silence critics.

Indeed, it has been clearly shown that the CDC and Census Bureau had direct access to Twitter portal where they could flag speech for censorship:

Red Herring article using the word “portal” and “White House” to misdirect searches: ‘Roger Stone claims he personally saw a literal “demonic portal” over Biden White House

So when they want to hide something, the elites will use a star, a movie or a well-known influencer and write thousands of articles about it to bury in the abyss of the search results something that they don’t want people to find… Another kind of censorship…

Here some other examples of intentional obfuscation:

  • Katy Perry’s album “Prism” was so named to obfuscate online searches for PRISM, which is a code name for a program under which the United States National Security Agency (NSA) collects internet communications from various U.S. internet companies.

  • A few years ago when Alex Jones was beginning to make mainstream headlines a horror movie was released and the name of the main character/murderer was Alex Jones.
  • A few years ago a documentary film (2008, ‘Seul contre tous’) was released in Europe about German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer, who developed a different theory to how cancers are formed and cured. A few years after that documentary was released, it gained traction and buzzed… This is when they decided to hire Will Smith in a movie with a similar description and the same French name (2015, ‘Seul contre tous’), in order to obfuscate talk and internet searches for the documentary. When looking for the documentary online, you would only find about the new Will Smith’s movie and the documentary was buried that way.
    • Below, you will find this documentary film. It is in French. To get English subtitles, you first have to add the subtitles (keyboard on the video) and then open the ‘wheel’ besides and choose English translation…

  • Meanwhile, the New Captain America movie is called ‘New World Order’ and is coming to cinemas May 3rd, 2024… At this point, all we can do is laugh…

It is not exactly information censoring… It is more like information jamming or burying. Mind control through popular media which most people don’t notice but are influenced by.

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  1. People believe in the existence of Viri and that all vaccines are created to keep people safe.
    Yet people have never seen an actual real Virus under a microscope, they watch the television/internet and suddenly its all true. Even the experts in the field of medicine have never seen a Virus, yet they believe it is real.

    People believe in the existence of God and that all the prophets were messengers or even god himself to lead people in the right direction.
    Yet people have never seen the actual real God, they read a book and suddenly its all true. Even the experts in the field of religious faiths have never seen God, yet they believe it is real.

    What if I told you that very clever people always find a way to control the perceptions, thoughts and actions of people? In the process those clever people get very rich and powerful, they get greedy and often seek more wealth and power, addictive indeed.

    People have an inherent desire to be deceived, the so-called ‘elite’ are just those who learned they could feed off the process of herding minds and bodies. From the Vatican, the mosque, the temple, right through to the government, clever people indeed, unfortunately most of the servants of these institutions are not a part of the deception, they are victims too.

    Do also keep in mind the fact the so-called ‘deep-state’ is an invisible turd, the Government IS the deep-state! Just another cleverly played game of blame-deflection and fear projection.

    There common-sense, what is right, and what is wrong, no need for governments and religions to guide us. However it would be very difficult to control those who veer towards ‘wrong’ if we did not have these institutions in play. Double-edged sword I’m afraid to say.

    All are simply human, profit enables corruption, when these institutions grow too large, so do their agendas. However their agendas are rarely fully understand because they tend to have access to information which the people do not.

    Vaccines, pandemics, climate, digital ID, etc, etc…. all these are being rapidly fast-tracked, suddenly, in perfect sync across the globe. It does not take more than a single brain-cell to not realize something ‘big’/world-changing is coming, and the ‘elites’ (the rich and the ruling classes) have a self-appointed duty to make sure the world is ready for said ‘big’ thing… whatever it may be, I unfortunately only have access to the same information as the rest of us ‘peasants’.

    …although I do have a ‘gut’ instinct this could be celestial related, something totally outside of our hands, the world is preparing for it, 8 billion people may not be easily controlled if they knew what was coming. But, ~500million? may just be the right size to manage efficiently and get through it… conspiracy theory indeed, by 2030 we will all know, well those of us still around I guess.


  2. Hahaha, censorship through movies? Ok. But what the hell is that:
    “About Akismet
    Akismet is the most powerful anti-spam service for the web. Akismet works by checking all your comments against our constantly-growing global spam database to remove irrelevant, malicious content before it gets published and damages your site’s credibility.

    Akismet gets increasingly effective over time: the more it learns, the more it protects. Its algorithms are continuously learning from content marked as spam across websites, so it more accurately detects and removes spam from sites in the future.

    When Akismet is enabled on your site, only the personal data needed to carry out Akismet’s core function of protecting your site against comment spam is collected from commenters on your site. We do not sell the data you send to the Akismet service, and we do not keep it for long. We have short retention periods of between two weeks and ninety days for the vast majority of our spam-related data, at which point it is automatically deleted from our databases. Anyone can opt-out of all long-term tracking for the very small subset of data we do keep longer by using our contact form. For more information, please visit our Privacy Notice.

    Who we are and what we stand for
    Akismet is brought to you by Automattic, the makers of, Jetpack, and WooCommerce. We’re a distributed company with over 800 employees across over 65 countries speaking over 80 different languages. We believe in Open Source and the vast majority of our work is available under the GPL. Our common goal is to democratize publishing so that anyone with a story can tell it, regardless of income, gender, politics, language, or where they live in the world. You can read more about Automattic on our About Us page.

    Akismet was created in 2005 by Automattic’s CEO, Matt Mullenweg (also the co-founder of WordPress, the open-source CMS software) in order to help protect his mother’s personal blog from spam. Since then, it has grown exponentially to detect and protect over 6 million websites (as of January 2019).”
    Hahaha – One page talks about “excellent and widely used spam protection” with absolutely no indication what the hell is spam?! Not one! What is spam? Who defines it? Who runs Akismet? What are its criteria for spam? Did you know that on a pro-vax site, anti-vax is spam? On an anti-conspiracy site, “conspiracy theorist” is spam.

    So: what, according to the fucking Akismet, is spam here (which has been shared by 6 million sites!)? I’m dying of laughter! Hahaha

  3. All one has to do is look at how many people have swallowed the Covid sham hook line and sinker to see how effective this has been. They lubed the public’s keesters with movies about it in advance. Now they have inundated every search engine on the internet with hundreds of propaganda websites debunking and criminalizing anyone who posts the truth.

  4. Good article! I have noticed this as well.
    The House of numbers movie, 2009 talks about fauci’s AZT disaster drug. Then they came out with House of Cards 2013 now that pops into peoples heads and they forget about the similar movie that had actual useful information.

  5. Haven’t been to a movie in almost 40 years. TV and music all went in the garbage or shooting range a long time ago. Burned every book I had, except The Bible. I know, I’m boring, but I want none of what media giants or Hollyweird is selling. I will watch old movies and shows on dvd. That’s it. All the new crap is mind poison, lies, and obfuscation.

    • I cannot stand “Power” Rangers especially the 1990’s crap. The original Japanese Super Sentai Series, such as Liveman, Fiveman, Bioman, Zyuranger, etc are all far better and have not censored references to God/Christianity unlike its American ripoff. It’s sad because I like America and can’t believe crap like MMPR would be aired. Thanks FOX Kids and 4Kids.

    • If you had to burn every book but the Bible, let’s just say you had alot of bad/rotten books you chose to have. Was always a lover of non-fiction/true stories, research, cookbooks, and science alongside the Bible.

      I grew up watching PBS Kids/Spongebob/educational little kids cartoons such as Curious George and PBS Kids Arthur, and I didn’t even know what a “Power” ranger was growing up. When I (as a teen) discovered the original Zyuranger and saw an episode of that “pig monster” that devours all the food, the original KSZ episode had a Christian prayer at mealtime, while the “Fox Kids” garbage MMPR version replaced it with a literal multiculturalism fair. Having watched whole seasons and very many episodes online (and on TV) of various original Japanese Super Sentai Series (SSS) seasons, there was a lot of references to God and Christianity/godly character in the shows, and fighting against satanism and such evils. In the original KSZ Bandora (Rita Repulsa in garbage MMPR) was a literal satanist witch who terrorized and sacrificed children throughout the show.

  6. Awesome Manuel! This exactly true. One other subject they wish to obfuscate is the Planet X or the 10th Planet. Anyone doing a search on those get Nibiru information. So, they demoted Pluto, so we only have 8 planets, then NASA says they are looking for Planet 9. Folks who do a search on Planet 9 get only NASAs’ narrative. A search doesn’t bring up Nibiru stuff. If there is no truth to Nibiru, why all this effort?

      • Screwgle, facecrooks, twatter are all deep state /khazrian mafia controlled. Look at who financed these kabalistic satanists with seed money. Zerohedge had an article on it five years ago. Hollyweirdos are simply spokesdemons for one-worldism.

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