After Soros and Klaus Schwab now Bill Gates… Interesting that the top WEFers are not WEFing… Where is their private meeting?


This reminds me of the passengers who canceled their trips on the Titanic at the last minute, and the lucky billionaire leaseholder who didn’t show up to work in their office at the top of one of the towers on 9/11.

Yesterday, it was Soros and Schwab…

Soros, Schwab and Gates not present at WEF 2023
Soros, Schwab and Gates not present at WEF 2023

‘Unavoidable schedule conflict.’ For your brainchild. That happens every year at the same place. Riiiiiight…

Today it is Bill Gates…

Soros, Schwab and Gates not present at WEF 2023
Bill Gates not coming to WEF 2023. via Twitter

You’ll notice that the biggest WEF ass kissers such as Macron and Trudeau aren’t there either… It seems there are only B listers present at the meeting right now… Ukrainians are probably not very happy (The Klitchko brothers arrived yesterday in order to discuss about new weapon deliveries).

Are the big players having a private club meeting somewhere else? Where would it be? On Epstein private island? Sorry for that… It was too easy …


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  1. Pope Buttclown decrees sodomites are welcome to his church.

    Once again the nwo fake pope and false prophet leads the charge of satanic abominations! Pretty sure Klausiepoo and his pet sodomite Harrari are down for some piss orgies with pope buttclown.

    • WEF only wants livery drivers in gas powered vehicles:

      Yep, full-of-shit hypocrit perverts as usual. Peons can walk or be forced into electric coffin cars, but satanic elitists get gas powered cars.

  2. The WW3 will ignites from Iran and DAVOS will speed this process in order to accomplish world wide medical martial law and finally full tanks and martial law for world. Are you ready all nations army are ready .

  3. How about a round of applause for pervert zuckerturd? He now allows transvestite boobies, and bans natural lady breasts on his satanic reality website.

    Such a dickweed.

    • Heck, I can remember way back when Penthouse Magazine had pictures of this sleazy pig. Sheesh, she had full-sized afro’s under her armpits!

      I even remember a report she was making fun of her teenage son’s penis. The son she had with the futbol star.
      Mom of the Year material. ??

    • She’s a double. Real one is gone. Along with Tom Hanks, DeNiro, Angelina Jolie and many others. Just to add some credibility to this, I have an acquaintance who lives locally, that has a good friend in Hollywood. 2 Years ago, he told me that his friend was acquainted with about 20 of the top names in Hollywood. He said they were all scared of being arrested and the military was running all over Hollywood at the time. This confirmed my own research. 🙂

      • Wow, hard to believe. I just turned off my radio show. Cuck n’ Buck, the two fakepublican buttclowns were gushing over steven spielberg. They go off track alot gushing over Hollyweirdo sodohomopedos and other nefarious actors/ satanists.

        So do the Glenda Beck and his co-host radio buttclowns. Shows you how corrupted news media is by money.

        Rush even used to do his gushing over crApple buttclowns.

    • Well, you use twatter, so that speaks for itself. Twatter, and Facefuck were spawned from deep state money. Fact, and published by zerohedge four years ago.

    • You need bigger caps. Maybe we’d be able to hear you then?? MSM is running damage control. Seems you as well. Davos bunch running like scared rats. Funny!

  4. Lets hope they’re hunted down, caught, and publicly executed with a prayer for all of those killed by their vaccine!!!

  5. Maybe they heard nukes will be flying, and like the cowards that they are,
    they are in hiding. (hope they were able to get out on planes driven by
    non-vaxxed pilots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!)

  6. Would be nice to know if they went to their bunkers. Maybe other wealthy people have canceled plans for a bunker vacation

  7. Is it possible that there is an “agency” actively hunting for these monsters…if so, god-speed hunters.

    • Spot on. Most call them the White Hats. Comprised of Patriots in our Military. The UK Marines and German Military working with them. But we will never get public exposure of this. You have to see the signs. Like the Satanic Perverts would not run from their number one gathering for any reason unless they are worried about being arrested. Rats fleeing the ship. Gets some popcorn. Going to get fun.

  8. All the A-listers met in a dungeon to have homosexual orgies, drugs, booze, and Adrenochrome festivities. B-listers are now rich peons to the A-listers.

    • Rebel news was on the scene. When the Rebel news reporter tried to interview a cnbc executive, he was treated poorly for trying to do his job. The headline says he was threatened, but I watched, and he was simply brushed off by the cnbc lardass. It was funny to see how snotty the cnbc lardass acted. ?? show.

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