Video: Some more snow chaos for California after new atmospheric river slams the Golden State…

Snow chaos on I80 at Donner Pass, California after Atmospheric river on March 29, 2023
Snow chaos on I80 at Donner Pass, California after Atmospheric river on March 29, 2023. via Twitter

That’s Interstate 80 near Donner Pass, California.

Total chaos due to heavy snow from yet another atmospheric river.

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The entire area is struggling from broken equipment, snow fatigue and from running out of room to plow.

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  1. A big problem when people are not accustomed to driving in blizzards and snow. I drove all over in my life, and one thing about drivers that are in a place like Minnesota vs California is people that drive in snowy blizzards are smarter on the roads. Black ice is tricky. If you have ever driven on it, then think back to the first time. That will be problematic for California drivers. Guaranteed.

    • I remember those amazing snowstorms in Montreal when I was a kid. Sometimes the blizzards were so strong that school was cancelled and everything else was kinda frozen into place. Winters in Switzerland are nothing compared…

      • Yeah, we have step family from Canada, Quebec area. Heard stories. They are hockey guys, so robust outdoorsmen. We spent many seasons in Utah. Skiing, hunting, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. I love snow. We get it here too. I go outside and march around with the dogs, ducks, and geese. I hunt those pesky varmints as I can see their footprints easier. ?

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