The revenge of Big Pharma


Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 25, 2023…


  1. How do you deal with severe/regressive ASD adults? Just send them of to a “community living” gulag where they’ll be monitored and controlled 24/7?

  2. Opioids are bad news. Had a good friend accidentally OD back in 2008. He forgot how many he had taken. His father found him dead at the foot of his bed. He was a professional boxer. Doctor Feelgood prescribed him too much, and he drank as well. Bad news. You can pray to Christ, and he and the angels will remove your pain. I have not had a sciatica flare up in almost two years. I never took pain pills. I just prayed, and quit sinning so much. I couldn’t sleep when I would have a sciatica flare up. Impossible to rest comfortably. Now, I sleep fine.

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