This incredible photo shows the Villarrica volcano in Chile lighting up a snowy sky on September 2, 2018. Villarrica’s last eruption was in March 2015. The eruption prompted authorities to evacuate thousands of people from the local area.

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Picture of the Villarica volcano glowing in the snowy night sky of Chile, near the city of Pucon on Sept. 2. Picture: REUTERS/Cristobal Saavedra Escobar

The photo appears to show the glow from the lava lake in Villarrica’s crater.

The 9,000-foot volcano is located in Chile’s central valley, 400 miles south of Santiago, and sits above the city of Pucon.

The first recorded Villarrica eruption was in 1558. There have been at least 54 small-to-moderate eruptions recorded at the volcano and two moderate-large eruptions – in 1640 and 1948. There have been four fatal eruptions recorded at Villarrica. Villarrica’s last eruption was in March 2015.

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Fox News – Volcano lights up snowy sky in stunning photo



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