A compilation of Strange Sounds reports from the last few days, December 16 2012


December 16 2012 – A compilation of Strange Sounds reports from yesterday

In this post I will publish some of the last comments on this blog to let you know with which intensity and rate Strange Sounds are being heard all over the world. Thank you for reporting all these!

December 16, 201 2Southeast Iowa .Heard very loud wind / train / humming/ jet engine sound in sky at 11:30 pm Was a constant noise, and did not fade away like it was getting farther away as a plane would sound. I did not see any lights in sky either. Not sure what time it started but I heard it after dogs barking woke me up. I went outside and it sounded like it was right above me. I heard it for at least 3-4 mintues. I am in Wever, Iowa. (Nearby Burlington, Iowa, Fort Madison, Iowa, Keokuk Iowa, Dallas City Illinois, Niota Illinois).

I have heard a hum in the morning now for 1 week. Stranger is I was at someone elses house this weekend and heard the same thing. Sounded like a vibrating phone but like morse code long sounds then break some short sounds break … I am thinking I should try to record it. Very subtle, I ask if the other person could hear it and mimicked it. She said no. Two different places now. hence why I am writing on is sight.

I heard a similar sound as that of the first video in California on December 16, 2012. The best way I can describe it is low, constant rumbling thunder accompanied by a low frequency constant hum. It lasted for about 5 minutes and scared the living shit out of me. Was too afraid to look outside to see if there was anything. It was a very strange feeling I got…

Strange Sounds in Poland, Legnica and Poznan, December 15 2012 – Eastern Country rumbling noises

“String of mysterious ‘booming noises’ reported across several U S states”
. This has quite bit of documentation on the recent noises.Plus a trippy vid @ the end w/ no date.

Loud booms reported on face book south of Carlinville, Illinois on December 16, 2012.

Hi ,just let you know we are several people hearing it in Marrakech, Morocco.
Only by night, not everyday. Sometimes rumblings, sometimes humming by pair of two.

A family member and I heard a series of booms around 9:00 and 9:45 pm on December 8, 2012 in Hingham, MA. It sounded like bombs or blasts, too loud to be gunshots. Immediately after, dogs and coyotes were barking and howling. I’ve been looking for answers, but I can’t seem to find anything. Very strange.


  1. Have been unable to sleep as I can hear this ‘rumbling’ sound. It has faded over the past hour or so. At first it sounded like the washing machine was on downstairs, but it isn’t. I thought it was maybe a helicopter but it’s been going on for much too long. It is very faint now but still there. It seems weird. I live in the UK. I can’t see anything unusual in the sky, no lights or anything. Maybe I am worrying, but it is almost 4am and is usually silent. No idea as to what it could be. Any one else from the UK heard this too? I know my family would say stop worrying or it’s just a plane or something. Just something about it seems not right and the fact I Googled it and so many people across the world are having similar experiences?!

    • I heard the same, on three different nights now, it’s going on as I type…. Me and my cousin heard it over the TV! It sounds like rumbling, like a plane going over or thunder? Weird.

  2. I live in Toronto, Canada…. yesterday (Dec 17) around 6 am, I was just falling asleep (I have been having a lot of trouble lately falling asleep before 5 am, for the past week or so, this is very strange for me). I was awoken very suddenly by an extremely loud “boom” or “hum”…. it was like a loud vibration. Loud enough to shake the windows in my room. For about two minutes or so.

    I have been studying 5d and ascension for the last few months. It’s very interesting, and I read that the booming everyone is hearing could be a symptom of ascension. If you don’t know what ascension is, please check out this very informative site:


    Also I recommend this video, it really opened my eyes. Give it a chance:


    Peace everyone! Let’s all work together to make this transition into 5d beautiful 🙂

  3. At approx. 1130pm on Dec 17, 2012, I heard what sounded like a massive train in the sky, reminding me of a tornado I heard in 2007. There are train tracks approx a mile away, but I’ve never heard the trains like I heard this. I went outside to find it still drizzling as it’s been doing all day, and the rumbling lasted almost a minute as the sound drifted towards the north.

  4. Cloaked alien spaceships coming in through portals to abduct people for the so-called “ascension” or some Christian rapture event?

    I’ve heard several booms in the past few days. The first night, it was around 1:30am and I had just woken up, then heard some booms and the power went out for blocks. A few nights later I heard some more booms (was just going to sleep but I believe it was later in the morning, perhaps around 3am) but the power didn’t go out this time. I don’t hear humming (aside from the constant high-pitched tones in my ears but that’s been going on for years).

  5. I just wanted you to know that on December 16 I heard 2 booms, one in church and in the forest. They remain unexplained, but the police blame a faulty speaker in the church, but no one believes them. This is in New Jersey, and as of right now there is no posted articles about it.

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