Space Mystery: Scientists Discover Four Mysterious Signals Coming From Outer Space


Approximately six years ago, a single burst of radio emission of unknown origin was detected outside our Galaxy but no one was certain what it was or even if it was real.

Now there is no doubt that they are real!

An international research team has indeed detected mysterious bursts of radio waves coming from billions of light years away by using the CSIRO Parkes 64metre radio telescope in Australia.

mysterious signals from outer space recorded using CSIRO Parkes 64metre radio telescope in Australia

Based on physical properties such as brightness, distance and energy, the scientists could determine that:

  • Their origin is celestial rather than terrestrial.
  • They come from cosmological distances when the Universe was just half its current age
  • They originate from an extreme astrophysical event involving relativistic objects such as neutron stars or black holes.
  • One of these signals going off every 10 seconds.

Their findings are published in Science Magazine.

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  1. these are sonar signals coming from the dark night satellite . our earlier ancestors used sonar for space it was fast as speed of sound but uplinked with a radio signal it can travel at the speed of light. the pyrmyds, were equipped for taking in matter. when the higgs field was proven it leaves us with endless possibilities but now that mankind has come so close to transportation and time travel. or fusion energy the thing is were also at about atie of destroying ourselves can we come together qas a race and say were going all the way or just sit back and all our bad qualitiesget the best of us I hope not if we can make it mankind can go back and fix its mistakes we hold the power of the gods but is that what those gods want mmm

    • +/- 60%. It is what the scientists say. But I do agree, it is a bit too short between each of the burst! Thank you for your input!

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