Strange Sounds, Loud Booms and Mysterious Explosions Compilation – June 2013 and July 2013


In this post, I post some information about strange sounds and loud booms as well as mysterious explosions heard and witnessed around the world. Loud noises and mysterious booms are mostly comment on this blog. Explosion news are retrieved from news articles around the web. We keep you updated on strange phenomenon and mysterious things happening in the usa but also around the world. Hope  you enjoy this! If so, follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Loud and Mysterious Booms

Mysterious booms In BC June 28 2013: I just heard it really loud in cadboro Bay (Victoria) 3 times around 7:30 AM on June 28, 2013. Wonder what is happening right then at Whidby Island Naval Air Station?

Mysterious booms In BC June 27 2013: 10:39 pm Victoria BC heard the rumbling yet again. Both my husband and myself have heard this rumbling sound on and off over the years.

Mysterious booms in Clearwater, FL June 25 2013. Just off of U.S. 19 so it’s a worldwide phenomenon that’s affecting Clearwater constantly too. Makes me wonder if it’s possibly the the shift of tectonic plates or electromagnetic earth amplified noise and it’s audible through us most of it because of the echoing ocean.

Just heard this last night and have been doing research on it since 5am this morning. Was def something that got me out of bed and go outside with the other neighbors to see what’s going on. I found this on YouTube and some of the sounds I heard were on this video. Not the trumpet ones but the ones they said sounded like a hovering jet. It lasted for about 15mins then just cut out. No idea….

Low pitched rumble in Dunedin Florida June 24 2013. We live in dunedin Florida. We heard the low pitched rumble last night. It caused our dogs to shake & was unlike anything we have heard before. It happened at 3 different times threw out the night, each one loud enough to wake us up… Very bizarre. Would really like to know what us causing this noise ??,

I heard this noise last night! At appx the same time!!! June 21st 2013!!! Anyone else?! What is it???

I heard the same thing that night and I have been trying to figure what it is ever since! It definitely sounded more like meteors to me exploding in the skies in firework patterns. I didnt see anything though, darkness and noice. Freaky! But so happy I saw your post, I feel less crazy. What do you think it was?

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Mysterious Fires And Explosions

Underground electrical fire breaks out in Orosi California – Viasila

Underground electrical fire breaks out in Springfield Massachusetts – Mass Live

Huge Fire at recycling center in coastal Fort Myers Florida – NBC2 

Explosion of construction in Dinwiddie County Virginia – NBC12

Massive Fire at biofuel warehouse in Bulphan Britain – Your Thur Rock 

Explosion and fire hit recycling center in Suffolk Britain – EADT 

Huge Fire at recycling plant in Smethwick in the West Midlands Britain – Hisz Fox News

Massive explosion and fire damages four buildings in coastal Lisbon Portugal – The Portugal News

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  1. We *just* had something like that in South San Francisco. At first, I thought it was drums being played by the high school band during a football game, since it was sort of rhythmic. But it kept getting louder and louder and less rhythmic until it was one loud, long pulsating roar… since this is near where the gas line broke a while back and scorched a neighborhood, I’m assuming another gas line busted open. It went on for a good 10 minutes, then stopped suddenly. From where I’m sitting, it appeared to be coming from the northeast, toward El Camino Real, although the echos off the buildings may have screwed up my echolocation.

  2. Chesterfield County Virginia, at least a year ago. Watching TV and started hearing loud thunder. Never saw any lighting so I walked outside and no rain. Looked at the local news radar to see if it was raining anywhere and not a rain cloud at that time. Called my parents that live a couple miles from me and they were outside listing to the same thing. To explain the sound is was just like thunder and would went on for at least 30-45min. I could also hear a sound that was almost lik a large gass leak like a hissing sound or like some people have described it as a jet sound, I would say that is pretty accurate, like a jet sitting on a runway with the throttle up and booming . I was a firefighter in the area for 7 years and turned the scanner on and listened to see if there was a fire call going on and nothing. I then heard Chesterfield County police scanner getting calls all over the area for people hearing same kinds of sounds. Police were out investigating and could hear the sounds but found nothing, they asked for Air 1 which is an Airplane operated by a neighboring county to see if they could find anything. I did hear one police officer ask to call Goochland County and see if there was a Civil War re-enactment because it sounded to him like cannons going off, but nothing was found. I talked to several friends, one lives as far away as 30miles and all heard the same thing. They just assumed is was thunder until I told them there were no storms around. Very strange. On a local news channels Facebook page people started to post it but never heard anything else about it. Time of the sounds started aprox. 9pm on a week night.

  3. We live in Missouri- had this happen last year aeound this time-shook our entire house-friends of fb- all the way from Osage beach to Lebanon- around 60 miles radius posted about it

    • Alicia–we just had the same thing around the 20th
      of May–nothing in the sky-no smoke, jets, airplanes or anything. The neighbor Lady was out looking too. It shook the whole neighbor hood!! I live in Lebanon MO. Three days ago–they had the same thing in Springfield MO–but we didn’t hear or feel it here. I would personally like to knew what is going on!!!!!!. If you hear or read anything more–please let me know–I would appreciate it!!!!!

  4. I live in Clear Lake just 12 miles north of West Branch and I have been hearing these booms for the last year or more! I just heard it a few nights ago and thought “here I go again and nobody will believe me!” I do not believe it is Camp Grayling, north of us because it is at odd hours that they probably would not be doing exercises and upon researching the internet the next day have found tht others in Michigan and around the U.S. have heard the same thing. I don’t think that Wisconsin is hearing booms from Camp Grayling! The booms are consistent spaced maybe a few minutes apart for hours at a time! One Sunday night last summer I actually went outside to listen because I could hear it in the house while watching a movie. When I went outside I saw my neighbor standing out in her yard. I asked her “You hear it too?” She said she also thought it was Camp Grayling, but on a Sunday night at 10 o’clock? I don’t think so. I wonder if it’s fracking or if I’m cracking!! Hmmmmm…..

  5. I live in Cleveland and same thing. My father and I thought someone close by was setting off fireworks. We went outside and a few series if extremely loud almost the sound when a transformer blows up. They sounded like they were coming directly above us. Another series seemed just north of us but sounded like it was in the sky. No flash of lighting or anything.

    A few days before I heard a sound similar to a very low flying jet plane and wind. It was so long that I went outside and it seemed like it was directly from the above sky’s. I was puzzled and thought to myself “is this what a meteor sounds like”. An hour later in poured rain and there was like 10% chance of any kind of precipitation.

    Hundreds of these explosions all over the world, horrible wind sounds coming from Florida and the western states, followed by explosion sounds. Websites in Russia claiming the United States have nuked underground facilities under our country? That’s the one that frightened me. The government/military powers to be seem to be up to something very strange and leaving its citizens in the dark, pondering.
    If anyone has any feedback I would greatly appreciate it. I’m a little freaked out now

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