Animal Plague in Australia: Bats Infests a Local Park in Charters Towers, Queensland


Some find them cute! But, when you have around 80,000 smelly and noisy bats infesting the local park of your city, you desperately want to get rid of them!

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80’000 Bats plague Charters Towers in Queensland – Australia. Photo: Allyson Horn

Charters Tower, in north Queensland, battles since 12-year against the bats. But yesterday, hundreds of residents lined the streets to see the 80,000 bats driven from the town. But this was hard work! After other measures did not work, the Charters Towers council decided to use the sounds of horns, helicopters, gun blasts and even fireworks to try and scare away a colony of bats that have infested a local park.

Local residents were overjoyed to see the animals go because of the terrible smell However, some conservationists are concerned, because some bats were too young to fly away.

In order to prevent the return of the bats, the council will use the drastic measures every morning and night for the next 10 days and monitor the park to see if the bats come back. [couriermail]

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