Ohio is the first state to regulate the fracking-earthquake connection


Fracking is bad… We all know that. Among others, it contaminates drinking water reservoirs and trigger earthquakes. To minimize the latest, Ohio now demands that companies willing to drill in seismically active areas have to install monitoring equipment to get a permit.

fracking vs earthquake, fracking and quake, frack quakes, map of earthquakes associated with fracking. SB, Ohio Announces Tougher Permit Conditions for Drilling Activities Near Faults and Areas of Seismic Activity
map of earthquakes associated with fracking. SB

According to the Ohio Department of natural ressources:

The new policies are in response to recent seismic events in Poland Township (Mahoning County) that show a probable connection to hydraulic fracturing near a previously unknown microfault.

If those monitors detect a seismic event in excess of 1.0 magnitude, activities would pause while the cause is investigated. If the investigation reveals a probable connection to the hydraulic fracturing process, all well completion operations will be suspended.

Hopefully, other states will soon follow and introduce similar laws in the next future.

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