California Drought Consequences: Swimming banned at Castaic Lake

Record-low water levels prompt officials to close the popular lake to swimmers!


Castaic Lake, the largest water project reservoir in California, is popular with local residents for boating, kayaking and other aquatic activities, but it also serves as a reservoir for much of the region’s drinking water. The reservoir normally receives thousands of cubic feet of snowpack runoff from Northern California each spring. However, this year, much of that water was diverted to Lake Perris to help get the Inland Empire through the summer.

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Aerial photo of Castaic Lake in California by

Along the three miles of lagoon shoreline at Castaic Lake, the water’s edge has dropped about 30 feet, leaving exposed pipes that are usually underwater. This led officials to ban swimming in the reservoir.

Everybody, especially locals are disappointed to hear about the swimming ban. However, boating, fishing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are still allowed… Well until it is revisited if conditions worsen.



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