Strange dolphin behavior: Why more dolphins are migrating to freshwater and die because of it in Mississippi?

This year there has been an increase in dolphins migrating into rivers and bayous, places where these salt water mammals can’t survive. But, scientists say government red tape is keeping them from trying to figure out why more dolphins are migrating to where they don’t belong and dying because of it.

Dolphins are dying in Mississippi's fresh water and scientists are asking why. Photo: MS News Now, dolphins migrating into rivers and bayous, why dolphins die in Mississippi rivers, why dolphins migrate in mississippi rivers, strange dolphin behavior: dolphins migrate and die in Mississippi's fresh water, increase of dolphin sightings in Mississippi rivers
Dolphins are dying in Mississippi’s fresh water and scientists are asking why. Photo: MS News Now

According to IMMS officials, six out of the 31 dolphins found dead on the Mississippi Coast so far this year showed signs of freshwater damage. Meanwhile, another six of seven have been spotted swimming in freshwater. Scientists said they don’t know why these animals are heading into dangerous territory, but they suspect something major has happened in their natural habitat.

Ecological? Food? Site fidelity? It is really an enigma. But this isn’t just happening here in Mississippi. Alabama has also seen an increase in dolphins migrating into freshwater areas.

My opinion: Deep water Horizon oil

Although it is known that salt water animals kill saltwater parasites giving themselves a freshwater bath, I doubt this is the explanation for this mass die-off. Why would they stay there longer than they should? I would rather put my money on the fact that the oil from the deepwater horizon has not completely disappeared and is still effecting sea life. It is still on the floor of the gulf and is slowly endangering dolphins an other species. And this also probably why Government doesn’t want the public to find out what’s going on… But again this is just my opinion. What about yours?

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  1. “This is the first article, if this one is terrifying, the next one will be ten times worse. After several years of alerts about mass bird and fish deaths, in 2014 fish die-offs have reached a peak of unprecedented proportions. What is happening, and what are the consequences for Humankind?

    This is the first article of two. This one is concerned with massive fish die-offs, the next one is about bees, and how long we have to live after they become extinct. For those interested, the answer is not long, not long at all. But it starts with fish.

    We are not speaking about EU-sponsored Moroccan fishing vessels spewing into the sea the innards of millions of sardines, deemed “too small” to eat. We are speaking about massive fish die-offs on a global scale.”

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