Out-of-control rat plague spreads in port towns across northeastern Australia – Rat attacks on cars, crops and homes

Australia rat plague 2023
Australia rat plague: Small town in Queensland, Australia inundated overnight by dead, drowned rats

Thousands of plagued rats attacked the fishing town of Karumba in Australia, as their corpses accumulated in the water and on the beach.

The flood of disease-ridden rodents attacked cars and buildings, and destroyed crops.

Thousands of rats have swept up on beaches of Australia’s Queensland, while parts of the state have been battling a rat and mouse plague for months now.

Another eyewitness said that about 350 kilometers south of Karumba, “millions of rats” are lying on the roads, leaving locals in a panic.

A surge in the native rodent population has forced the rats to move coastwards in search for more food.

The residents have reported rat attacks on cars, crops and their homes.

Experts believe that the plague may worsen as more wet weather is anticipated.

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  1. If they thought they could ,and get away with it , they would.
    If he isn’t removed I fear we won’t have a country..Who’s to replace him?Kamala oh dear lord just no.
    By the time the impeachment hearings finally go through,
    the next election will be held.

  2. Play on words.A Plague of rats or packs of rats with the plague.Its actually normal though.It is in accordance with the weather.Disturbing creepy oh hell yeah.
    But normal.Runs in cycles
    Let’s just hope they aren’t plague infested.Now that would be a real nightmare.The book the lair come to life.

  3. Like the Biblical plague of locusts this plague is coming on you for the same reason. Turn your face away from God and……..

  4. Biden will use these rats as a reason to cancel 2024 election, here in America! LOL! Too dangerous to hold elections.

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