Strange Animal Behaviors: Massive School Of Fish At Miami Beach (VIDEO) And Dead Sea Kirts On Marco Island


A massive school of fish was captured on camera at Miami Beach in Florida.

On the other side of Florida, dead sea skirts are invading Marco Island’s beaches… unusual sights and strange animal behaviors, I would say!

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Smelly sea skirts have washed ashore on Marco Island, Florida

I am a fan of fish and try during my spare time to go fishing myself. And I can tell you that I have never seen such a huge school of fish so close to a shore! Amazing! Did you notice the larger fish swimming and hunting inside… The silvery ones are tarpons while the darker ones are simply sharks. I once had the chance to go for tarpon fishing in Florida (one of my aunt was living over there!). I recommend!

Now on the other side of Florida, smelly sea squirts have washed ashore and littered Marco Island beaches due to a cold front from the Gulf of Mexico and northern Florida. The decomposing sea squirts create an awful stench… A plague for tourists. But don’t worry! Waves and birds will take care of them in the next days.

Well I think it is not the last time nature will surprise us!

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