Could it be related to dog food? Mysterious fatal respiratory illness sickens dogs across the US – Vets puzzled

Mysterious fatal respiratory illness sickens dogs across the US
Mysterious fatal respiratory illness sickens dogs across the US

A fatal respiratory illness sickening dogs across the United States is puzzling the veterinarian community after the illness has yet to be identified.

Dr. Lindsey Ganzer the owner of North Springs Veterinary Referral Center in Colorado has reported at her animal hospital alone she has seen 30 cases of the mysterious illness.

Ganzer sampled the unknown respiratory illness but it tested negative for any known viruses and bacteria.

According to the Oregon Department of Agriculture the symptoms of the new illness are “Coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, trouble breathing and fatigue.”

Vets have reported the illness does not respond to traditional antibiotics which has resulted in dozens of dogs dying from the unknown respiratory illness.

Per NBC Chicago:

A mysterious respiratory illness has sickened dogs in several U.S. states and left others dead as veterinarians encourage dog owners to exercise caution and limit contact with other dogs.

According to TODAY, the pneumonia-like illness starts as a cough and gradually worsens, with the illness also being resistant to antibiotics.

In addition to coughing, sneezing, discharge from the eyes or nose, trouble breathing and fatigue have also been observed, according to the Oregon Department of Agriculture. Dogs who exhibit symptoms may also test negative for common causes of respiratory illnesses.

Officials said that dogs are most likely to contract the illness by coming into contact with other dogs, with places such as dog parks, kennels and groomers posing a larger risk.’

As of right now, there are ten states with confirmed cases of the mysterious outbreak and they are the following:

New Hampshire

So what d you think this is? Related to the nasty dog food they sell you in supermarkets? [VMA, GP, NBC]

Hey guys, it’s time to wake up!

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  2. Our dog passed from this a week before we read about it on the news. He was an older country dog so…mostly stayed indoors, drank well water, ate homemade dog food, no commercial treats or toys, no vaccines for him or us, no pesticides, herbicides, etc…, and he wasn’t around other animals besides our cat and backyard chickens (all of which are very healthy). BUT we do live in north central FL and Captn.Jack is right, they do Chem-Trail the heck out of us (especially at night) and did so right before he got sick. If it is something they dumped on us then we’d just have to figure out what they used that would make a dog sick but no other animal? Or could it be a Fauci GMO flea or a Gates GMO mosquito? Who knows these days.

    For the record, we did try Fenbendazole and he did seem to be improving but we started it too late (not knowing ahead of time that this thing was out there) plus he was well advanced in years. Knowing what I know now I’d say start Fenben or Ivermectin at the first sign of this disease (for our lab it was sneezing).

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  4. Could it be MRNA has been injected into dog food, and Dr Fauci, and Billy boy Gates dreams are coming true. What are the chances this illness crossing over to humans since most of us are involved with our pets on a day to day basis.

  5. Just stay away from vets, they do get paid BIG money to infect animals. Then treat your pets illness. Don’t get them vaxxed either. Stay off the radar. Protect your pet from these evil monsters. Don’t say I didn’t warn you here

  6. Kimber, you are spot on. I wish I could find a holistic vet but there are none in my area. I also have stopped giving my dog manufactured kibble or any other and I now make her dinner that I would eat myself. It’s very easy. I get a big tray of boneless chicken breast, poach them all, cool them and store uncovered in fridge. I cook a big pot of rice, enough to last 5 days and I give her diced chicken with rice and vegetables (mixed, frozen) and the price of her daily meal is only about $1.50 as opposed to the dog food I was giving her which jumped up to over 4 dollars a pound for some reason! (I used to buy choice Prime Rib roast for 3.50/lb!)

    I switch up her meals and use ground beef as the protein sometimes. Sometimes I give her what I’m eating. I give her a multivitamin daily and put olive oil (for fat) in addition to the little fat she gets with the chicken she gets enough. She is happy, healthy and her coat is so soft and shiny now. She used to throw up often like 2-3 times a week. Dogs throw up, I know but she doesn’t much anymore, maybe 2x per month.

    You were also correct in assuming that this could be intentionally sprayed into the skies. I believe they are spraying so many harmful things down on us, I just hope and pray to my God and Savior Jesus Christ that He protect me from their nefarious, killing spree by spraying the entire globe with their chemicals and metals and viruses and molds, fungus, fibers and now, dog poison! Jesus Christ is coming for those who love Him and that is going to happen at any moment now!

  7. Three things.
    1) I cook my dog’s food because I don’t trust anyone since Covid.
    2) I take my dog to a Holistic Veterinarian. Easy to Google and find one. He doesn’t give vaccines, he gives ‘Nosodes’ (liquid drops taken every six months) which have been researched and found to be as effective if not more effective than vaccines. By the way, Holistic Vets are not more expensive, I believe they are even a little cheaper.
    3) Since this is a respiratory virus, get some Ivermectin from your local farm (not pharm 😉) store and follow the directions.
    4) Don’t board, groom, or go to play parks for awhile until this dies down.
    5) I suspect that this was man made though and put in the food, medicine, vaccines, water, toys, or air.
    6) Someone needs to start a website data base and when dogs get the virus, owners go to the data base and give information that can be tracked and trended. Such as location, any medications past two weeks, any vaccines past month, name of any dog food and treats consumed past two weeks, brand and description of any new toys past two weeks.

  8. Is anyone smart enough to try Ivermectin and Fenbenzole on their dogs? It sure worked on my cats just this week when they came down with the same type of problems.Oh ya.Lots of “Chem Trails” over NW FL. Watch the skies. See if they coordinate with the disease.

  9. Very likely the chemtrails they are spraying will do something similar to people. When the armed UN troops go door to door, they want cooperation and appeasement. Not Fido and his shiny white teeth biting into there ankle and throats.

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