Meteor Explodes Over Wellington During Sonic Boom


What was this mysterious explosion that shook houses in Wellington on January 26, 2015?

A gas cylinder? Or perhaps a bomb? And what about Superman farting?

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Nobody seems to know, but reading some comments below an article I may have figured it out! It was most probably a meteor going sonic just before its disintegration in Earth’s atmosphere.

The mysterious explosion occurred at around 9.30pm in the Wellington suburb of Strathmore… And since then it has been put down by police as an unexplained mystery.

It is bizarre that so many people had heard it, yet nobody knew what the cause was. Windows shook – everything shook and within 20 minutes the street was full of people. Police blocked the end of the road but it was unclear if they found anything.

But only few had a look to the sky! Residents across NZ reported a fireball at the exact same time:

About 9.45pm last night (26th Jan) my partner & I both saw an amazing streak of light across the sky. I came from behind me as I sat in the spa and got my attention from the noise of it rumbling through the sky. Quite large but reckon only maybe 500m-1km above us – burnt out about 30 seconds after seeing it.

A friend parents also saw it from their house in Kinloch

Was it a piece of the much larger 2004 BL86 asteroid that was making a close approach to earth on the same day.

To me, the meteor sonic boom seems to be the most plausible source for this still unexplained explosion. What do you think?

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