Massive explosion boom rocks Washington DC after fighter jets intercept unresponsive aircraft

No Survivors Found After Plane Crashes in Virginia; Fighter Jet Response Causes Sonic Boom Across DC Area
No Survivors Found After Plane Crashes in Virginia; Fighter Jet Response Causes Sonic Boom Across DC Area

Media reports as well as accounts of users on Twitter have revealed that a massive explosion was heard in the Washington, DC area. People could reportedly hear it in Annapolis, Northern Virginia, as well as in the nation’s capital city.

American journalist Andrew Leyden reported that the DC Air National Guard was in the process of conducting air defense drills over the Chesapeake Bay, and was allowed to go supersonic during an exercise, as well as an F-16 from Atlantic City.

The City of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management said that the loud boom came from a Department of Defence flight.

“The loud boom that was heard across the DMV area was caused by an authorized DOD flight,” the agency began. “This flight caused a sonic boom. That is all the information available at this time.”

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson provided an update on the events on Twitter, writing that a DC National Guard F-16 “was ‘cleared supersonic to respond’ to unknown Cessna ignoring radio queries flying on ‘strange flight path’ outside nation’s capital, officials say.

The FAA said that the Cessna crashed near Staunton, Virginia, according to Tomlinson.

FOX 5 DC covered the crash, which reportedly took place in a mountainous terrain in a low-population area of southwest Virginia.

The plan reportedly took off at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, which houses Air Force One.

DC Homeland Security & Emergency Management relayed that it is “aware of reports from communities throughout the National Capital Region of a loud ‘boom’ this afternoon,” before adding that there is no present danger.

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  1. pray tell if it was an unresponsive flight how in the hell did they know where it took off
    and its destination . smells fishy like someone didn’t want whoever was on it not to make
    there finale destination. if the media is going to lie at least make it believable a kid in grade school
    could see thru this story i`ll bet you guys have a bet to see who can get away with the biggest

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