Strong shockwave & ‘huge roar’ reported in Gran Canaria was meteorite impacting ocean water

Meteorite impact Gran Canaria video
Meteorite impact Gran Canaria video

First, it ripped the sky over La Palma, La Gomera and Tenerife at great speed, like lightning that emitted colours with shades of green and red, to then cause such a roar over Gran Canaria that it was heard from many areas of the island before, finally, crashing in the sea, causing astonishment among the islanders who, at first, didn’t know what it was.

Scientists have confirmed that it was a meteorite which, although it is not the first to fall in the Archipelago, there are no precedents for what happened yesterday, as it was accompanied by tremors. Fortunately, the Emergency Services announced that there is no record that it caused injuries or material damage.

The incident occurred on November 30, 2022 just after 3pm, although the exact time of the impact recorded by the measurement systems installed by Involcan and the National Geographic Institute (IGN) recorded various readings between 3:16pm and 4:35pm.

The first alert the Emergency Services received came from the province of Tenerife, due to reports of a very fast green and red object in the sky.

But what really triggered all the alerts occurred immediately afterwards, when a huge roar was heard over Gran Canaria that residents of municipalities across the island including Agaete, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Santa Brígida and Las Palmas demanded, with some concern, information about the noise and tremors.

Even the window panes and blinds trembled,” say those who phoned 112 to report it. Their testimonies regarding the sound spread too far to be, for example, an airplane breaking the sound barrier, which was one of the initial hypotheses.

Seismic activity was also ruled out, without leaving any room for doubt by scientists in less than an hour. While it was urgently verified that no one was in danger or that there had been any emergency associated with this phenomenon, everything pointed to an object arriving from outer space.

The Canarian Government gave an official statement in the afternoon that, indeed, the aforementioned “sonic boom was from a fireball that had crossed the sky over the Canary Islands and that has touched the atmosphere on this island, generating a powerful acoustic wave.

By then, the director of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, Rafael Rebolo, had already confirmed the information advanced by the Dean of the Canary Islands Press: it was a meteorite whose size is estimated, with natural precautions given the pressure of time, to be approximately a “meter in length” and whose weight would exceed “several tons.”

Translation of the Facebook post:

The Canary Seismic Network, which operates INVOLCAN, has registered at 16:35 hours (Canary time) a seismic signal on the island of Gran Canaria caused by the passage of a powerful acoustic wave across the island.

The preliminary analysis of seismograms shows a form compatible with an N-wave, produced by the impact on the earth’s surface of a shock wave caused by an object, natural or artificial, moving in the atmosphere at its speed personality.

The following figure shows the seismogram recorded by the GART seismic station (Artenara).The N-wave is a signal that produces a crash wave that impacts the Earth’s surface and most likely its source was a solid. [Guide to Canarin Islands] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Red and green colors were noted. Perhaps Nitrogen, Oxygen, Magnesium (blue) could be mistaken for green by observers?
    Why hasn’t a search team located this meteorite? Probably has value, and if it hit water, then there could be large fragments. There’s money laying out there waiting to be located.

    • Red = Iron and Green = Copper getting burnt off, check out what they use for fireworks. That is a great way to tell what they are using to burn. Might be some gold in that meteorite too.

  2. God knows exactly what it is, and since nothing can penetrate God’s firmament outside the will of God, it surely did not come from outer space (space is fake, check out Psalm 19:1 in the KJV on Werner von Braun’s headstone/ total Deep State satanic operator).

    Those who call themselves “conspiracy realists” won’t ever know the most important truth of today’s absurd world without being graced by God Almighty with salvation which brings understanding of the ultimate Truth.

    Jesus Christ is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life,” so search for God Almighty, with all humanity and sincerity, through the Gospels of Jesus Christ (notwithstanding the doctrine of election/TULIP). At the very least, get prepared for what is quite possibly going to happen in our lifetime by having a KJV on hand for the truth of prophecy. Get your prophecy from nowhere else and “let no one deceive you.”

    The KJV is the AV, find out why.

    John 3:16 and John 3:3

    God will grace all according to His Will.

    • Craig,
      I went back and read every reference you post here, and fail to see how you get the Earth is Flat from it????? I have read the Bible several times and can’t find “The Earth is Flat” anywhere. Wonder why a ship drops off the horizon as it sails out to sea? And doesn’t fall off? Where did this Bolide come from if there is no space? Just a Dome?? Takes some serious denial. Personally, I think the Satanists pushed the Flat Earth stuff just to see how easy people are to con. Psych Test. Amazing how many intelligent people failed. No wonder they could pull off the Hoax Pandemic. And convince folks to take the poison Vax.

  3. Why Are So Many Major Volcanoes Suddenly Exploding All Over The World?
    World as we know it will explode within and without and will be end of the world?
    Marauding Bands Of Looters Are Stealing Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Merchandise As America Descends Into Lawlessness
    WW3 started and we people of world are silent. North Carolina moor county is in blackout by sabotaging the electric substations. Also Martial Law or Curfew put for all moor county NC?

    • annonymous,
      Talking about Bolides here. Any comment on those? I read Michael Snyder stuff at HIS web site. What do you think about the Bolide SS is reporting here?

  4. And this is absolutely true and proven because all you have to do is look up and see the Chemtrails. What else could they be used for? They do fog the sky so we can’t see the Sun as clearly. Hmmmm….That would mean they are hiding something from us.

  5. We are seeing a lot of these lately. Must be Bolide Warfare. Or Bolide Engineering. Or maybe the Chemtrails attract them when not being used to manipulate the weather, cause Earthquakes, volcanos and distort the Earth’s Magnetic Field:-)

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