Two earthquakes strike near Volcano Peak, A California dormant volcano, within 24 hours


Within 24h, two earthquakes struck near Volcano Peak, a California dormant volcano.

After the Oregon earthquakes near the new undersea Axial Volcano (5.9M + 5.8M + 5.5M + 4.4M), the West coast is clearly on the move!

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Yesterday, June 1st, a 3.4 magnitude earthquake struck near Volcano Peak, South California.

Today, June 2nd, we see yet another earthquake has struck again near this same volcano. Same magnitude as the first event yesterday.

Volcano Peak is a dormant volcano located in South Central California, North of Los Angeles.

Yesterday, four earthquakes struck near the near the new undersea Axial Volcano off Oregon coast and two volcanic related earthquakes Utah and California.

There is really something going on there!

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