Deadly lightning strikes are increasing around the world and nobody knows why


Extreme lightning storms are increasing around our planet.

So does the number of lightning fatalities around the world. Climate change? Well nobody knows actually.

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Lightning strikes from around the world from 2012 to 2014. Graphic by Vaisala

Yesterday, 19 people were killed in multiple lightning-strikes in five Andhra Pradesh districts. Moreover 8 lost their lives in Nabarangpur district in south Odisha, India. Always in the same region, three persons were struck dead by lightning in separate incidents at Sattenapalli mandal on Friday.

In Africa, lightning killed seven people and injured six others during a football game in Kween District, Uganda. Meanwhile, lightning strikes killed at least ten people and while over 30 others were injured in Western and Northern provinces of Rwanda.

This guy from Seneca, SC – you know the Seneca Booms – was hit by lightning eleven times and is not dead yet. Pretty resistant , isn’t it?

And these two girls were killed by lightning while swimming in the sea in Mexico just when a sudden build up in front of them.

The number of death by lightning has considerably increased in the USA too. In July 2015, the number of lightning deaths in the U.S. reached 22. This number is well above the five-year average of 13.4 by this point in the year.

So what’s going on? Are deadly lightning strikes due to poor infrastructures or the increased planetary chaos…

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