South Korean cargo ship mysteriously vanishes in South Atlantic


A huge South Korean cargo ship which had 24 people on board has gone missing in the South Atlantic.

On Friday, a crew member sent a text saying the 312m-long (1024ft) Stellar Daisy freighter was taking on water. Meanwhile, two Filipino sailors found on a life raft were rescued.

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S Korean cargo ship Stellar Daisy vanishes in South Atlantic. via BBC

The Uruguayan navy alerted merchant ships in the area, which began a search. A navy spokesman said they had reported a strong smell of fuel.

The two people rescued had been found by commercial ships aiding the search, Yonhap news agency said. “A search operation is continuing for the 22 people,” a South Korean foreign ministry official.

South Korea also requested assistance in the search from Brazil and Uruguay, the official said.

The cargo ship Stellar Daisy, a Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) with a capacity of 260,000 tonnes, was being operated by a South Korean company but was flagged to the Marshall Islands, and had 16 Filipinos and 8 South Koreans on board. It had departed from Brazil.

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