TWO underwater pyramids found off Florida video


Not far from the coast of Florida, on the ocean floor, there are two huge underwater pyramids.

They were discovered based on the study of images obtained through the services of Google Maps and Google Earth.

The pyramids were found next to the island of New Providence. The outlines of the pyramids are quite distinct, and their presence proves that the island was inhabited by ancient people, perhaps representatives of the Aztec civilization.

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Two underwater pyramids have been found off the coast of Florida near the Island of New Providence. via Youtube video

Are these really underwater pyramids?

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  1. More proof the Annunaki were leading, teaching, their human inventions, all over the world. Leading, teaching, construction, rules of law, writing, but no religion. This is important as it proves humans made up their own religions and their made up religions, it turns out, are religions of death, all of them; religions, that encourage the robbing, raping and murder of people in other places, weaker people; certainly, this was not from the Annunaki.

  2. Google Earth says the depth of the water is just 3 feet. So it’s not ‘huge’ as the headlines suggest. Given its width- about 90 meters or so (each), it may just be a reef with a triangular shape.
    However, it is just off the shore of Nassau, Bahamas. It’s just 4.3 miles offshore, and anyone can go inspect.

  3. As Graham Hancock documents in his book Underworld, during the last ice age massive trillions of tons of water was locked up in the 2-3 mile high glaciers. The ocean levels were 30 plus meters less then at present. As the ice began to melt huge amounts of water like oceans begin setting on top of the glaciers that covered North America and Northern Europe and Asia. The legends of the Biblical flood also recorded in many other cultures around the world may very well have been the release of this massive amount of water when the ice dams gave way. In the US Pacific NW where this happened boulders the size of small cars that originated in Montana ended up the Western part of Oregon in the Willamette valley. The bottom line is during the last ice age man build massive stone structures on the continental shelves all over the world that were flooded when the ice age ended. During the ice age Northern Africa, now a desert was a lush grass land. There is most likely another ice age coming. See web site Ice Age Now. It takes thousands of years for the glaciers to build. But it’s coming. The question will there be any humans around at the end of the next ice age?

  4. Their presence proves that a whole-lotta water has come from some place. All over the world the same. Truly, a Great Flood is the only explanation, when you examine the ruins at Tihuanaco and Puma Punku, in contrast,and Baalbeck in Lebanon, where they have found another huge megalith just recently, bigger than all the rest. COVERED by flow. HOW? The buried ruins there can not be millions, or tens of thousands of years old. They are much more recent. Nobody seems to ever estimate the inclusion of the effects of immense pressure that would exert upon eroded sands and flows under thousands of feet of water. Sand becomes stone, and granite composite, under great pressures. Compaction into stone results. A Great flood is the only rational explanation. What is being said to be very old has not been examined including the obvious parameters which very high pressures from immense weights of water, causing implosion effects upon aggregates that are little understood, (for some odd reason) producing hard instantaneous ROCK. So what is therefore thought to have taken a hundred thousand, million or whatever, is completely bogus, because it never includes an obvious world cataclysmic Flood, as all their ancestors told them about from the start .

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