The pyramids were giant musical instruments


This text was written by Daniel Gray, author of the recently published book “How to Control Humans: Exposing the Ancient System of Slavery Plaguing Us All, and How to Defeat It.” Have a great read!

The main function of many of the pyramids was to create sound. Some of the later pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs. But for the most part, to create sound waves. Before we talk about how the sound is made, let’s see what can you do with sound.

Pyramids were giant musical instruments - Sabu disk
Pyramids were giant musical instruments – Sabu disk

This is the Sabu schist disk. It was found buried with an ancient Egyptian official named Sabu. This was found along with other incredibly valuable things. Most people have no idea what it could be possibly used for. For more information check out the wiki page on it.

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This disk is incredibly important when combined with science. This device, and others like it, were used to grind, buff, drill and perform simply mechanical functions. The schist disk was essentially the power engine for ancient peoples. How did they use this for power? Acoustic propulsion. Below is a youtube video demonstrating acoustic propulsion and how the schist disk was likely used.

Ancient people used sound power. It’s less power than what we are used to, but ten thousand years ago this would’ve been revolutionary. When they weren’t mechanically generating sound, they used choruses to chant a single tone. To this day people still gather and chant a single tone.

Now to the Pyramids

In many of the pyramids, you’ll find a container that looks like an explosion may have happened in it. Regardless of the size of the pyramid, sound creation is the same. They used thermo-acoustics to create a tone with heat.

Pyramids were giant musical instruments - Container in King's chambers
Pyramids were giant musical instruments – Container in King’s chambers

Here we have the so-called King’s Chamber. There’s no sarcophagus and looks plain and functional. This is because this is where the sound is created. Since the Great Pyramid is what most people talk about when speaking of the pyramids I’ll use it as an example. There’s only one thing that goes into the container: water! That’s right, one simple ingredient.

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Now how to make sound from water?

Sound waves are concussion waves. Concussion waves can be created with a heat differential. For now, let’s just say that they start a fire in the King’s Chamber, the water will boil and create a temperature differential between the hot air trying to escape, and the cooling effect of the water. Here is a YouTube video of thermo-acoustics.

In this video, the youtuber demonstrates how thermo-acoustics works in a variety of ways. If you skip to 15 minutes into the video, you’ll see him create sound using boiling water. If you don’t want to watch the video, here is a screen grab.

Pyramids were giant musical instruments
Pyramids were giant musical instruments

In this part, he’s measuring the rate of the concussions, or hertz. He’s also failing to generate an electrical current. It’s nice that he tried. It’s important that you see what it looks like:

Pyramids were giant musical instruments - The shape of the King's chamber
Pyramids were giant musical instruments – The shape of the King’s chamber

I used this image for perspective. The concussion waves will pass through where the people are in this picture and go to the anti-chamber. I suspect, with all the lies surrounding the Pyramids, that the people who want you not to know the truth, purposely mislabeled these rooms. The ‘Anti-Chamber’ is a resonance valve. Which goes to the ‘Grand Gallery,’ with is nothing more than a giant resonance chamber.

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Below is a youtube video of youtuber who regularly makes videos of the Pyramids. You should watch the entire thing. Or you can skip to ten minutes in where his guide explains to him the functioning of the ‘Anti-Chamber.” He says it’s resonance valve, but he’s not sure why. In addition, in this same video, you can hear the great acoustics inside the structure. It’s impressive considering how old it is.

We’ve only scratched the surface. Generating sound with heat is great. What’s the point of the rest of the Pyramid? I don’t want to hold you in suspense. I’ll tell you what they did, then explain how it would work. For the Great Pyramid, only when the Nile was flooded, They would use the Nile flood waters to fuel the instrument, and they used lightning for the heat. Okay, now time to prove it. Below is an image of the Great Pyramid. I will it, and the corresponding numbers to describe what happens.

Pyramids were giant musical instruments - Great Pyramid of Gizeh
Pyramids were giant musical instruments – Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Focus on #1 and #2, these are inlets for water from the Nile. This would’ve been connected to the causeway. The causeway would’ve been an airtight cavern, that the Egyptians would fill with water before the river flooded. When the rainy season happens, the extra weight of the river will force water up through it continuously until the river receded. Below is a youtuber demonstrating such a thing. Though I don’t agree with all of his premises, he does great videography.

Understanding that there will be running water going through #1 and #2 is important. Because it makes the entire thing make sense. The rest of the Pyramid is about the flow of water and drainage.

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For instance, if we blocked the #1 path, then the water would be forced up #2 and through pipe #6. In fact, after #6, there are three paths. This is done to slow the rate of water down. Some gets drained down #11, and the rest goes through #8 and #9. For perspective below is a picture of #1 and #2.

Pyramids were giant musical instruments - Great Pyramid of Gizeh
Pyramids were giant musical instruments – Great Pyramid of Gizeh

It’s a matter of having large stoppers for the water. I suspect that there was a large wooden device here to direct the flow of water. Anyhow, back to it. Next comes #7, the so-called ‘Queen’s Chamber.’ Again, this chamber has no decorations or anything. I’m tempted to post a pic, but it’s just an empty room. It only makes sense when you look at it as a plumber.

By the time the rising water reaches #7, the rate of the water will slow, because #7 has long pointless tunnels. These tunnels will make a clicking sound as the air escapes. In fact, recently, we’ve discovered hidden chambers in the Pyramids using new scanning techniques. There are voids inside the Pyramids for some reason.

Below is a video about this new chamber. These hidden chambers were for acoustics. I suspect, this void may be tuned to the tone created by the clicking of #7. It will tell the Pyramid operators when to redirect the flow of water. When #7 stops clicking, #10 will be full of water.

If #10 is flooded, then the container in #10 will be full of water. That was the easy part. Then you unblock #1 then cover #2. The Pyramid will drain and all other water will go down #4 into #5. Firstly, I have to say, that the Pyramid was built on granite. Which has all sorts of electrical properties, which we still use today.


Below is a clip from Ancient Aliens. Don’t watch the whole thing. These people are scam artists. What’s interesting is that they interview actual scientists sometimes, then they flood the zone with bullshit. Skip ahead to exactly 37 seconds and listen to what a professional has to say about #5

The technical term for this is piezoelectricity. The rhythmic thumping will knock loose electrons. The construction of the Pyramids is a whole other topic. But it is a known fact that the limestone inside the Pyramid is semi-conductive, and the white outer limestone was non-conductive. The giant granite slaps in #10 would be where the electrons would flow towards and remain. Granite is not only conductive but is great at storing an electrical charge.

Two things will happen, as long as there’s water running through #5. First, #10 will start to get warm. This is because the granite is holding an electrical charge. But it likely won’t be enough to boil the water. The second thing is the Pyramid itself will have an active electromagnetic field around it.

The video below depicts what the Pyramids would’ve looked like thousands of years ago. Check it out.

They were giant structures with a gold top. When you realize that this thing has an electrical charge it should be getting scary, because… lighting… right? But before that, there are still scientific matters to consider.

We live on a giant magnet called Earth. Having a structure like this will create a current regardless of #5. Why? Atmospheric electricity is why. It is a known fact that the higher up you go, the larger the electrical current is created. We deal with this current by grounding all of our buildings. Below is a video explaining atmospheric electricity.

This current will make the stones in #10 hotter. What people don’t seem to put together is, that when they built this thing, they were in the middle of a rainforest. When the Nile flooded, it bought lots of rain. What do you think would happen to the tallest structure on Earth, in the middle of a rainforest, during the rainy season, and the thing has a metal top with an electrical charge??

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Catching lighting is very hard to do. Below are some youtubers who tried and failed to catch lightning. An electric charge did the trick for them as well.

By looking at the video, you can clearly see, that catching lighting is very difficult. The reason why they built the Pyramids so large, was to hold a massive charge from a lightning strike. The inside of the entire thing will remain incredibly hot for a long time. When the water in the #10 boils off, they flood the instrument again.

It should be said that some of the Pyramids didn’t make it. This is because lightning is hard to manage.. Here’s just one example.

No one knows what made the Medium Pyramid explode. You should know. Also, It appears that the Great Pyramid is the second structure built on that same granite platform.

Many people believe that the first one exploded as well. Also, leave it to Ancient Aliens to change a plasma explosion from a lighting strike to something incredibly fantastic. If you watch this, just know that the Pyramid exploded because of a lightning strike.

To finish, below is a video of a variety of ancient structures that emphasize our advanced understanding of acoustics. Hope that helps. Thanks.

This text was written by Daniel Gray, author of the recently published book “How to Control Humans: Exposing the Ancient System of Slavery Plaguing Us All, and How to Defeat It.” Have a great read! has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. Man didn’t build the pyramids. The Annanaki or the giants did. 8-foot-tall humans that were on planet Earth at the time. They were built as markers to help them locate their home planet when it returned after 3,657 years. Nephilim in the Bible. We called them gods. The S was dropped, and they became God in the Old Testament. The Sons of God came down from the heavens on pillars of fire. They found the daughters of man attractive.

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