Four bright fireballs captured exploding over Arizona, Ohio AND over Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France in 10 hours


I am not saying we are the unluckiest people in the world. But yesterday, Nov. 15th, I – and some or even most of you too – missed FOUR giant fireballs disintegrating in the sky above Houston in Texas and a large part of Europe – Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France. AND THAT JUST WITHIN 10 HOURS! It all started on Nov. 14th around 4:50pm (UTC) with a fireball exploding over Germany and reported by over 1180 witnesses also from Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Italy. Less than five hours later, at 9:30 pm (UTC), France also reported another significant fireball lighting up the sky. Two significant fireballs disintegrated over the United States at 01:40am (UTC) over Arizona and 03:30am (UTC) over Ohio on Nov. 15th. Here some videos now:

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Four fireballs exploded over the USA and Europe on November 15 2017

Blue Fireball over Germany – Nov 14th

Large Meteor over France on November 14, 2017

The French event occurred over the city of Bordeaux (West of France) and it has been reported so far from about 20 witnesses.

Giant fireball over Arizona – Nov 15th

The AMS received 85 reports so far about this event that occurred over Arizona. But also people from Arizona but also from California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico saw the bolide.

Major fireball over Ohio on November 15, 2017

34 reports of a fireball over Ohio. But sightings also reported in Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

It was a busy night for the Meteor Societies AMS and IMO (International Meteor Organization).

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