By Toutatis, the sky is falling on our heads! 2 huge fireballs recorded within 24 hours across the US

Meteor fireballs over USA after big solar storm
Meteor fireballs over USA after big solar storm in May 2024. Via Youtube video

A CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on May 10th, sparking the biggest geomagnetic storm in more than 20 years – an extreme (category G5) event.

Now just 2 days after, many across the US reported loud booms and bright lights across the sky!

I used to think that the fear of the sky falling was just a running gag from Asterix comics. But it seems that it is turning true right now. What is going on?

Huge blue-green fireball over ID, MT, OR, UT and WA on May 12

The American Meteor Society received 30 reports about a fireball seen over ID, MT, OR, UT and WA on Sunday, May 12th 2024 around 03:59 UT.

Here some videos of the very bright sky phenomenon:

The ball of fire clearly disintegrates in sevral explosions, probbaly releasing the reported booms and shakings.

I don’t know if those guys on the porch even saw it…

Meteor fireball over Washington and Oregon on May 13

A day later, same place, the AMS also got 6 reports about a fireball seen over OR and WA on Monday, May 13th 2024 around 04:36 UT.

It was flying in a complete different direction… Here’s a video…

And no, this is not another proof of the flat Earth theory… Our sky is on fire!

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. Military has been dropping those huge fireworks out of high altitude planes for decades. But fools people pretty good.

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