The sky is on fire! Latest bright fireballs captured by sky cameras around the world


The sky is on fire! Enjoy the latest reports and videos below…

meteor fireball world video
Compilation of meteor fireball videos from around the world

Meteor fireball lit up the night sky over Western Australia on November 22

A fireball lit up the night sky over Western Australia earlier this week, according to reports. The meteor event was caught on video, and captured by local dashcams and observatories. Footages of the ball of flame were posted online and different social media platforms showed that it entered Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday night, November 22. Following the spectacle, there have been no reports of property damage or casualties from a potential meteor strike.

Comments regarding the Western Australia fireball suggest that the celestial body could be a larger object from the Leonid meteor shower that peaked last Friday or Saturday, November 17, or November 18. Regardless, the recent space object was observed in the Australian city of Perth and other locations across the state. Earlier this year, a fireball was also seen in Australia, near its southern region, but it turned out to be a Russian rocket body that fell back to Earth.

The Australia fireball video was posted on X, formerly called Twitter, on Thursday, November 23, showing that the meteor was hurling from the sky, as recorded by multiple footage from residential and vehicle dashcams. The short clip shows that the fireball briefly lit up the night sky of Perth with blue-green light but potentially dissipated in the air before it hit the ground, which is sometimes the case in previous related incidents.

The recent space event in Perth can also be compared to a similar incident several years ago when a giant meteor fireball was seen above southwest Australia. At that time, the Perth Observatory received dozens of phone calls about the fireball but conducted its own investigation if the meteor completely burned in the atmosphere or hit the ground near the town of York.

Meteor fireball over Alaska on November 22

The video was captured on Wednesday, November 22nd 2023 around 03:46 UT.

Meteor fireball over Missouri and other states on November 22

The fireball seen over IA, IL, KS, MN, MO, NE and OK on Wednesday, November 22nd 2023 around 00:56 UT.

Meteor fireball over Florida and Georgia on November 20

The fireball was seen over FL and GA on Monday, November 20th 2023 around 11:21 UT.

Meteor fireball over British Columbia, Oregon and Washington on November 17

The green fireball was seen over British Columbia, OR and WA on Friday, November 17th 2023 around 14:24 UT.

Meteor fireball over Ohio and other states on November 16

The fireball was observed over IL, IN, KY, MD, MI, NY, OH, Ontario, PA, WI and WV on Thursday, November 16th 2023 around 00:55 UT.

Meteor fireball over Japan on Nov. 15

and on Nov. 13

Meteor over Brazil on November 14

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