Mysterious booms and rumblings rattle northern Utah remain unexplained

mysterious loud booms and rumblings felt across northern Utah on August 12-13 2022 are still unexplained.
mysterious loud booms and rumblings felt across northern Utah on August 12-13 2022 are still unexplained. Picture: National Weather Service

Residents across northern Utah reported hearing a loud boom early Saturday morning.

The sound was heard and felt just before 8:30 a.m., with reports coming in from people who say their homes shook following the boom.

People have been calling 911 about the noise from areas such as Park City, Syracuse, West Valley City and other locations.

Seismologists are reporting that the event was not an earthquake.

The Salt Lake City office of the National Weather Service appeared to confirm theories that it was a high-altitude meteor. In a tweet, the office shared a graphic showing what is believed to be meteor trails over Davis and Morgan counties.

Many are theorizing that the noise was a sonic boom produced from aircraft nearby, possibly from Hill Air Force Base. However, in a tweet sent later Saturday, Gov. Spencer Cox said the noise was not from military aircraft.

Heard this while out on a run in SLC,” wrote Cox. “We have confirmed it was not seismic/earthquake and not related to our military instillations (sic).

The governor also gave a nod to the meteor theory.

This is likely the best theory,” Cox said.

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  1. The Aliens living deep in the Earth are awakening. Their missions are going to horrify even the most strong of heart. Be prepared!

  2. They’ve been called “Sky Quakes” for the 30 years I’ve been in S. Idaho. Sometimes daily about the same time. Always thought to be the launching of a new gen spy plane. Multiple, rippling booms from way above. They haven’t been heard in several years but make the news when they are.

  3. Feds are building more DUMBs, it’s likely. Deep Underground Military Bases. They have them all over the USA. Read Dr Richard Sauder’s books on DUMBs – “Under Ground Bases and Tunnels.”

  4. Obviously a sonic boom from something traveling faster than the speed of sound. The question is what caused it.

    • A double boom, twice! On the high altitude approach corridor into the box? Wonder what it could be? Meteorites don’t generate double booms!

  5. Sounded loudest on the last video file. The first two videos sounded more like a shotgun blast. Of course, it wasn’t a shotgun blast.

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