Loud booms and glowing lights panic residents of Thailand and the UK


Loud noises and strange green glow have been observed in the sky of Thailand, while residents of a small town in the UK were left shaken by loud booming noises on the same day. What are these mysterious booms and rumblings?

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Loud bang and green lights heard and felt over Thanland and the UK in June 2021

Skyquakes over Thailand

What was this mysterious bang and green glow coming from the sky over northern Thailand on Tuesday evening?

The loud bang was heard in Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Phayao, Mae Hong Son and Lampang provinces, while several netizens posted images of the light moving from west to east.

Could it be a very bright fireball?

A meteor that enters Earth’s atmosphere normally catches fire at an altitude of 80-120 kilometers and occasionally causes a sonic boom, in the same way a supersonic plane does. This would explain why the light was seen before a loud bang was heard.

It remains unclear if the object was a meteorite because most meteors burn up in the atmosphere before striking the ground. There are around 6,000 meteorites entering Earth’s atmosphere each year, with most falling into the oceans or remote areas.

So there is probably no need to panic here, guys! [Thai PBSworld]

Loud booms baffle residents in Maghull, UK

Residents in Maghull were left perplexed when huge explosions reverberated throughout the region.

The bangs are thought to have originated near Ashworth Hospital in Maghull’s east end. According to residents, they were initially heard around 9 p.m. Tuesday evening.

Skyquakes rattle residents in the UK
Skyquakes rattle residents in the UK. Picture via StrangeSounds

I was watching football with my husband in my living room with the French doors open when I got a text from my brother-in-law saying, “Did you hear the pistol shots?

It was around 9 p.m.,” says the narrator and continues: “It was a little startling, but strangely, no sirens were heard after that.

Some locals speculated on Facebook, with one stating the sounds were caused by a motorcycle backfiring and another believing the sounds were related to farming.

Keith Budd, a resident of the Ashworth Hospital area, said: “I don’t believe that was a [motorbike]backfire because I own a motorcycle and have never heard one backfire like that.

I’ve heard a number of gun shots over the years, and this didn’t sound like a gun shot to me. A gunshot is more of a crack, whereas a boom was more of a boom. I know one of the farmers has a gas machine he uses as a ‘bird scarer,’ so I’m guessing that was it.

The source of the noises has yet to be determined, but Merseyside Police have confirmed that no weapons were fired in the area last night. [Washington Newsday]

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  1. Yeah, that BOOM was probably the Brits saying, enough is enough, with respect to medical tyranny, and kung-flu lockdowns.

    There’s a million people marching in the streets, and they are pissed off. I hope they go kick some buttclown tyrants right in the ass too!

    Good on you people!

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