Two pilots report large flying object with big reflection in Arizona sky – Listen to the radio broadcast of the out-of-this-world incident released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)


“Something just passed over us.” Pilots on two separate airlines traveling over Arizona claim they were passed by a UFO with BIG REFLECTION while flying at over 30,000 feet in the air on February 24, 2018. Both planes reported the sighting and now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a radio broadcast of the out-of-this-world incident.

The Feb. 24th incident began when the pilot of a Learjet reported an object to Albuquerque Center air traffic control while flying over the desert in southeastern Arizona.

I don’t know what it was. It wasn’t an airplane but it was, the path was going in the opposite direction,” the pilot said.

Air traffic controllers asked the pilot of a nearby American Airlines passenger jet traveling from San Francisco to Dallas to let them know if anything passes over the aircraft.

If anything passes over us?” the pilot asked, somewhat incredulously.

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Two airline pilots report seeing a ufo flying across Arizona sky. Here the audio video from FAA.

A few minutes later, he saw it ― whatever “it” was.

Something just passed over us, like a, don’t know what it was, but it was at least two, three thousand feet above us,” he said. “Yeah it passed right over the top of us.

The American Airlines pilot said he couldn’t make out what the object was but it “had a big reflection” and was going in the opposite direction.

Was it a Google balloon?” a voice asked.

Doubtful,” the pilot replied.

UFO,” someone responded matter-of-factly. Here a video of a close encounter between such a high altitude balloon and an airplane over Newark, New York and nor New Jersey:

A month later, it’s still not clear what kind of object with big reflection was flying up there.

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