A few worrisome stories worth keeping an eye on and a strange mystery we still can’t quite figure out


Whether it was ‘zombie’ raccoons or weather modification, this past week seemed to offer up more than a few worrisome stories worth keeping an eye on as well as a ‘pickle mystery’ that we still can’t quite figure out.

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Mysteries and strange news to follow. by Comms Business

While Sunday may have been April Fool’s Day, the subject of debate was no laughing matter as investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts detailed the jaw-dropping amount of money, believed to be a stunning $21 trillion dollars, that has disappeared from federal coffers. How this money has disappeared and where it may have gone are two riveting facets of this troubling story covered by Fitts in the video below.

On a lighter note, when it comes to odd mysteries, this past week presented a new puzzle that we didn’t see coming: an enigmatic pickle jar that has captured the imagination of a city in Missouri. Repeatedly placed on the cement barrier of a highway onramp for at least the last six years, the odd object has left drivers scratching the heads over how and why it got there. In fact, the aura of the mystery has grown so much in the last few years, that it’s even got a Facebook page dedicated to documenting ‘sightings’ and trying to decipher the strange pickle riddle.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been wondering why the weather seems so weird lately, this past Monday’s edition of C2C, featuring filmmaker Matthew Landman discussing his worrisome research into the secretive world of geoengineering, may provide some answers. Long the domain of science fiction, it’s become increasingly clear that weather modification is a reality and the true scope of this tinkering with the environment is largely kept from the public which is unknowingly feeling the effects of these clandestine program.

This week also featured an update on a story about a proposed 18-foot-tall statue of Amelia Earhart to be built on Saipan. It would seem that someone got around to asking the backers of the project if news that Earhart’s bones may have been found on a totally different island undermined their idea. The answer was a somewhat astounding, “it doesn’t matter what the truth is” and an indication that the monument is moving ahead as planned. While we’re really hoping to someday see this statue actually be built, we’re also not taxpayers in Saipan.

Delving into something of a supernatural realm, paranormal researcher Kevin Cook shared insights into the world of Catholic mysticism as well as the nature of miracles and apparitions on Wednesday night’s program. Incredibly, he revealed that Marian apparitions may be more prevalent that one might have guessed with the Vatican generally investigating a little more than a dozen cases at any given time. Cook also recounted some specific stories of such spiritual events that are truly remarkable.

And, by far the most bizarre story of the week, are reports of ‘zombie’ raccoons terrorizing a neighborhood in Ohio. Essentially pure nightmare fuel, these ill-tempered animals have been seen standing on two feet and baring their teeth before tumbling over into a comatose state. Although wildlife experts are pretty sure they are the victims of an outbreak of a disease known as distemper, good luck to whoever has to get close enough to find out.

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