California has gotten 18 trillion gallons of rain in February – AND THERE IS MORE ON THE WAY!


California has already received an 18 trillion-gallon soaking this month – enough water to fill 27 million Olympic-sized pools – and the state’s wild winter isn’t over yet.

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A cold storm system is expected to move across Southern California Wednesday through Thursday night. via

A series of storms, including a moisture-packed atmospheric river that slammed the state last week, has brought consistent rainfall in February that has reached nearly half the volume of Lake Tahoe.

Los Angeles has received its fair share of the rain, with more than 4 inches falling on the Southland since Feb. 1.

San Diego has had more than 10 inches of rain this month, passing its average for the entire winter season.

The totals are likely to increase this week

The totals are likely to increase this week – though not by much – as another storm rolls into the region Wednesday night. That low pressure system is expected to bring less than a quarter of an inch of precipitation through Thursday.

Cold air that’s being pushed from Canada’s inland area isn’t moving over the warmer Pacific Ocean waters, which means temperatures will remain chilly through the week. By Friday, highs will increase slightly to the mid-50s and low 60s, Phillips said.

The cold snap has already dropped temperatures into the low 30s in Southern California and into the 20s in the Bay Area and along the Central Coast. Temperatures in Long Beach fell to 39 degrees overnight, tying a previous record set in the coastal city in 1965, Phillips said.

Some other local areas also might come close to record-breaking low temperatures in the coming days.

Enjoy this rain… Draught will arrive soon enough!

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  1. To bad we haven’t built a new reservoir in decades and we’re still under Governor Moonbeam’s idiotic water restrictions! Grrr.

  2. In Alabama, we had so much soggy days this year and last year. I had expected dry weather later on, then I’ve found out we are going to have 5 straight day rain. Yesterday and today, we had so much crazy rain with thunders. But it is amazing that still all the highway and roads around my area are all passable, no flood nor mudslide.

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