Space mystery: Hundreds of high energy extragalactic bursts detected and no one has a clear answer why


Deep in the mountains of West Virginia, the Green Bank Observatory has been receiving a mysterious powerful flashes from deep space. Could this be a message from an advanced civilization, or is it a much stranger and violent occurrence? Visit the largest steerable radio telescope on the planet for answers. 

Another amazing video about a mystery from deep space.

Mystery Signal from Space Documentary, Mystery Signal from Space, Mystery Signal from Space Documentary 2019
Mystery Signal from Space Documentary

You will find here some more mysterious space sounds and signals that have been baffling scientists for years…

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  1. Bursts are coming from outer space, so the earth and its tilt/pole shifts and harmonies are not the cause. The diminishing magnetic field, shows the effects, but it’s not the cause. We will see more and more pronounced “anomalies” caused by external events, but aggravated by the conditions of the planet. These bursts are traveling at the speed of light and have trillions if not bigger magnetic fields than the earth, so again, the earth is just a puny thing in comparison.

  2. Perhaps they are actually connected to the strange bursts that the Soviets have seen in outer space. I think both things are because the harmony of the earth is so bad and the magnetic tilt so off target that all these bursts are somehow connected to that. Like something cosmic has stretched too far and is ripping. Not aliens or fallen angels.

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