Shiveluch Volcano Erupts Strongly in Kamchatka – Ash Plume Rises to 30,000 ft Into the Air – Pyroclastic Flow (Video)


Shiveluch volcano, situted in Kamchatka, Russia, had a large eruption on October 1-2, sending a plume of ash to 30,000 ft into the air.

The powerful eruption also produced pyroclastic flows that traveled several kms down the western slope of the active dome.

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Picture of the Shivelush volcanic eruption on October 1-2, 2019. Picture shows the eruption column and pyroclastic flow at Shiveluch volcano this morning via KVERT / A. Belousov

As reported by KVert and Volcano Discovery, a moderately large explosive eruption occurred on Shiveluch volcano earlier this morning, producing an ash plume that rose to 30,000 ft (10 km) altitude and a pyroclastic flow that traveled several km to the west from the active dome.

The eruption was likely a combination of explosion at the lava dome and a partial collapse of fresh material from the active part of the dome in its upper NE sector. [VolcanoDiscovery, KVERT]

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