Extremely Vicious Cyclone Strands Iceland in Meters of Snow – Thousands in the Dark, Heavy Damage Reported


What’s currently going on in Iceland is just insane!

A powerful and dangerous cyclone has dumped meters of snow on parts of the country, leaving extensive damage, thousands of residents and businesses in the dark and closing roads all over the country.

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Vicious cyclone in Iceland dumps meters of snow, closing roads across the country. Picture via Twitter/Stella Arnadottir

We know Iceland for its beautiful (and sometimes dangerous) volcanoes and awesome lanscape. But sometimes the island becomes somehow totally inhospitable.

This was the case almost exactly a year ago… And this is also the case right now as a powerful blizzard dumped meters of snow, closing roads and disrupting power for thousands of Icelanders.

As reported by Grapevine, roads virtually all over the country are still closed and avalanche warnings have been issued for the Westfjords region, that could hinder road traffic even more.

There have been more than 600 calls for assistance in the northern parts of the country mostly for power outages, or securing small boats in harbours.

Northeast Iceland is currently being hit by the terrible storm. Extensive power outages have been reported. Thousands of people using electricity for heat are stranded.

Uprooted trees and roofs torn away by strong wind gusts have also been reported. Mobile phone use was disturbed across North Iceland.

In the Westman Islands, located off of Iceland’s south coast, hurricane winds destroyed houses, especially in and around harbours.

The disastrous storm is supposed to come to an end early today. In the meantime, just be patient, stay at home, and avoid travels. And justpray, the spirits of Mount Esja appear again.

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