Spirits of Mount Esja appear during snow storm in Iceland


Sometimes, when it snows and you look at Mount Esja in Iceland, faces of spirits appear suddenly on the mountain slope.

Do you see them?

Well let me zoom in the picture:

Here some more help:

Maria Alva Roff writes: “Belief in gods arises from visions like this on the side of Mount Esja today.

Two faces peer out across the Faxaflói bay, disturbing my sensibilities and reminding me that it’s not man in all our chaotic, often destructive, glory who owns this world, but some force we cannot understand.”

and continues:

“Painted in snow on a volcanic mountainside, this portrait of a bearded man to the left of the photo, and a cat-like creature on his right lasted only as long as the incoming fierce storm permitted, and was witnessed by those who thought to look up, to look out a window, to see the world outside.”

Awesome… And the snow spirits then disappeared. Have you ever experienced something similar?

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