First U.S. Person To Test Coronavirus Vaccine Speaks Out – Will Be Monitored For 14 Months

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Jennifer Haller: First person test coronavirus vaccine interview. Picture MS NBC video

Researches are in the clinical trial phase for a COVID-19 vaccine within a “record” number of days.

Jennifer Haller, the first human coronavirus vaccine patient, joined MSNBC’s Ari Melber for an exclusive interview.

The patient details her experience as researches race to find a cure for the coronavirus affecting individuals around the world.

Haller tells Melber she will have to do daily logs of her temperature, symptoms, and side effects and will be monitored for 14 months.

So it will take us up to 14 months before we get the Covid-19 vaccine. Hopefully we won’t have the army controlling our streets and cities in the meantime. More coronavirus vaccine news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [MS NBC]

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  1. This vaccine is DEATH in a syringe.
    Vaccines cannot be made to immunize against SARS and especially this COVID-19 which is actually nCoV2/HIV/SARS-1 . Upon reinfection and clinical challenge again, the body develops cytokine storms as the HIV markers cause the body to overreact. Thus the virus causes the body to kill itself the second time around.
    This is well known among those who know the clinical and scientific side of this. Find out quickly as this information is being scrubbed from the Internet as I type this.

  2. First advertisement was 3500 , then no body went increased to 6500 and finally 10,000 she went and volunteer. Crazy people.

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