Ohio disaster cover up: NOAA removes TWO images of HYSPLIT models from their article – Here they are…

NOAA’s Air Resources Lab modeled the distribution of particles from the East Palestine train derailment.

But now the images have suddenly disappeared from the original article… They have been deleted… And everybody knows why… This is one of the worst HazMat disaster in the entire history of the US…

As reported on Reddit:

Yesterday morning when I came across this news article published by NOAA it had the two HYSPLIT models in the article below the picture of the derailment.

The two pictures the Redditor is speaking about are those now massively shared on social medias and shown below:

NOAA's Air Resources Lab modeled the distribution of particles from the East Palestine train derailment
NOAA’s Air Resources Lab modeled the distribution of particles from the East Palestine train derailment via NOAA
NOAA HYSPLIT Model disappears from NOAA website
NOAA HYSPLIT Model disappears from NOAA website via NOAA

A night later, the Redittor wrote:

I just looked at the article this morning and the two HYSPLIT models have now been removed from the article for reasons unknown.’

And added:

I wanted to share this in case anyone looks at the article today and is wondering where the images I posted (and cited according to NOAA guidelines) came from.

Here is a simulation from the first 4 days of the catastrophe:

Now, you have the story behind those TWO NOAA CENSORED PICTURES circulating around the web…


You can find much more videos about this major environmental and health disaster on my newsletter

Take care… [NOAA, Reddit]

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  1. This thread burned up, but here’s a story that kicks ass! That’s taking bite out of crime.

    Tongue-Fu vs Heathen Rapist.


    French have had a huge problem that they let in the gates. So, no winners after decades of subversion from within. Pretty badass move though. He’s lucky she didn’t unleash the quéquette-Fu on him!

    • You’re the real spammer here pagtriot zo.mbie 50cal. You’re the paranoid tyrant who wants to kick off anyone who criticises your gods. No I’m not promoting elgeebeetea as a “good/great” thingy nor such.

      • Idiot, this thread was done 48 hours ago. Now, It’s sauce for the feggethole roast of your dumb ass trolling. I could give a flying fck about you and your ilk. Worthless subversive trash.

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    Aclu loves the afterschool satan club. They worship satan’s poophole. That is to be expected. satanism isn’t a religion. It is a cult. So you can’t compare it to the great religions. Their argument is asinine.

    • Trump is a sa.tanist and the father of the v’s that’s attacking kids at my family’s place they work at. Kids are having physical pain in their hearts, and a lady (not too long ago) collapsed suddenly here and she was rushed to hospital.

      Criticism is NOT a crime, 50cal. Grow up. You can be the “smartest” and “busiest” person in the world, but if you love DJT/RD instead of Christ alone, you’re going to the lake of fire forever. You’re a threat to this website and its commenters, not just me but all the so called “sockpuppets” that aren’t me.

    • What “great religions” are you talking about? All cults. Even Christianity isn’t found in the original Hebrew/Greek bible scriptures. “DJT/RD Derangement Syndrome” is a fake illness to persecute those who expose the evils of these false christs in the end times.

      • The usage three great religions is commonly used in web discussions. You are a typical hair splitting amateur troll. You must be triggered for being exposed as a lying troll on your second lame trolldentity. You seem to be having a mental breakdown. Sad and pathetic waste of skin.

  3. Off topic:

    Florida Teacher Fired for.Misleading Video:


    Once again Ron DeSantis proves why people are flocking to Florida. He advocates for removing porno books from kid libraries. That is part of the reason trollbeciles attack him too. Most are pedohomos and perv on kids like their fake president, bozobiden.

    • Off topic:

      Keith Olberham wants a civil war.


      Look at his glasses. Reminds me of Mr Whipple, “Please don’t squeeze ths Charmin.”
      Notice how homosexuals always where absurd looking glasses or bow-ties. That is how they fish for buttclownery. They wear silly outfits, and flit about, lisp, tease their eyebrows, wear tight pants. Dead giveaway.

    • I hope my posts shall not be deleted, at least not the ones exposing the gods you worship and links to videos you need to watch (TrumpetForYahweh/end times videos). Please don’t delete anything here, not even 50cal’s berserk replies.

      • I hope you change your trollbecile account name again. Just name yourself trollbecile.

        Add more sockpuppets too. I like mocking you and your obvious thread hijacking.

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        You come here and crap on the floor, ruin threads, and subvert dialogue with nonsense, lies and rubbish. In effect, you crap on Manuel’s floor!

    • What do you consider to be a “fake Christian” and why do you want Manuel to terrorize me? You keep pulling out that “Fake Christian” card all the time, no criteria yet on what you define it as.

      And you called the Holy Spirit in me … “Satan”. Indirectly but still very hurtful and blasphemous.

      • “Nonsense, lies, and rubbish” when I have links/video evidence of your idols harming people they claim to protect. I became severely disabled and unable to attend school thanks to “safe real” v’s I was forced to take against my will back in the EARLY 2010’s. I don’t want to work for man in a human CAFO called a city/cities.

        And you whine about how wonderful it is to do corporate work for man, including working multiple odd jobs, when I heard of Timothy Campbell (Author of “I Saw God and He Had Flesh”) suffering horrendous workplace injuries/accidents while working for man, including at a bagel shoppe. Many families work multiple jobs, yet are unable to make ends meet. This isn’t the Amish-style organic farming/craftsmanship of the times before WW2, this is “vanity work” in indoor human “pods” – NW0 conditioning I believe.

  4. Oddly, I was watching OAN on roku last night and a report showing a satalite image of the immense black plum visible from space was immediately cut off. Maybe im paranoid but I suspected government interference therein.

  5. If this was sabotage, it came from our OPEN BORDER. How much more on the way? How many MILLIONS have come across that will become an army against us – BY DESIGN? Biden needs to be EXECUTED. His entire Govt. in DC needs to be EXECUTED, except for a few. These are OUR ENEMIES, not our Govt.. It has never been “our” Govt., since the Civil War when they stole our Identity. It is a British Territorial/Papal Municipal FRAUD and Corporation, under SEA JURISDICTION. We the People are the LAND JURISDICTION. The Land is ABOVE the Sea.

    • Excellent Message! 2points: 1. Read Deuteronomy 28. That is a message Israel.It describes what has and is happening to USA. 2. That message says to me that America is Israel. The people around Jerusalem now are of the tribes of Judah- Jews. Let that sink in. You really did a fantastic job with your comment. I am going to bookmark it to save it. Carry On!!!

      • I see much more evidence that USA is Babalon than “Israel”. Unfortunately, even though she may be mighty among the nations, she’ll surely fall very soon. After the “perfect storm”, Brazil, Russia, China, South Africa etc may stand strong like surviving trees, but USA/America will not stand. She (and perhaps even Japan, South Korea, Britain, Europe) will very soon fall and be cast into the fire, as are deceased trees after a storm.

    • So true.Treason used to carry a death penalty not remaining as a sitting president.
      Note thanks for bringing up the fact that our the usas real problems actually started in the 1850s 1860s.I usually use the end of ww2 as it’s easier to get people to grasp it and stay on track.
      Too many times it devolves into arguments about slavery.Its also where those who seek the truth versus those who are stuck in a man made victim mentality will show their true colors.Since I don’t always have the time energy or patience to discuss it I choose

  6. Removing the hysplit models to cover up the gross negligence. The cover up is always worse than the crime.

    Most of our federal agencies are polluted with subversives and marxist-satanist dirtbags. Most of them are perverts, occultists, and scumbags. Kind of like the trolls that come here and espouse leftist ideology, and bear false witness on the few good people trhing to save America from becoming a third world shithole!

    • Flori.da is a very dangerous place to raise children, that is where all those excact same “mps’s” you talk about but ignore, are doing kiddy traffeking and stealing children from families. Happens in all states, especially the most “red and steady” states which are also the most pro vakkseen and sickest states (Mississippi and West Virginia) with the most highly vex666ed, chronically ill children. DJT is a sat.an.ist and the worst pedal file who cannot keep his hands off his own poor daughter.

      • What’s with you, AKA, anonymous and the continuous off topic crap on President Trump and Desantis? Copy and Paste crap on the vax and children? Why change your handle? We know who you are. You.ve been posting the same off topic crap for months. Just turning the chat into a stupid rant so nobody reads it. Get a real job. Lawn care specialist or something.

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      “Carnivore diet” and every diet based on evolution is completely sa.tan.ic and contradicts the books of the bible (Genesis, Ezekiel, etc). He told us to eat every green herb of the land, didn’t he? King James was a free.mason too and he’s burning in h.ell.

    • You have falsely accused me of being a leftist, because i oppose RD and the “lesser evil” party just as much as the left. You’re the one who needs serious mental help/go to a nuthouse.

      • Gary,
        He’s always popping his harry potter blow up dolls. Living in his pajamas in Mommy and Daddy’s basement. Notice how he never aknowledges he had to change his email and screen name as we busted his ass so many times. Trademark move of trolls are screen name changes and sock puppets. Been that way for decades.

  7. Famines are certainly going to rise from all the food processing plants being destroyed during the Biden regime:


    The 4 horses of Revelation chapter 6 are out of the barn! The fires of trial will increase exponentially over the course of the last 7 years:

    Daniel 3:19 Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury, and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego: therefore he spake, and commanded that they should heat the furnace seven times more than it was wont to be heated.

    These last 7 years commenced here:


    And like clock work Russia attacked Ukraine 4 months later to release horse # 2 which along with the supply chain breakage of the covid scam are causing horse #3 to develop!

    This will culminate with the destruction of fiat cash so they can being ushering in CBDCs for full implementation by 2025:


    Here is the timeline we are living thru folks:


    • Yahweh/Yeshua Jesus will destroy USA Babaon and unleash plagues onto her due to her massive and irreversible wickedness (Jeremiah 51). We grow a garden so we don’t have to splurge solely on beans, rice and processed prepper “foods” but also consume various live enzymes, beneficial microbes from the soil, root veggies, and fresh fruits to eat. 50roach is a blasphemer, idolater and very prideful and delusional. He probably thinks RD/JL can turn water into wine.

  8. the correlations of the planets are clear and beyond doubt. Gavin Newsom Will Win the 2024 Presidential Election Just as the earthquake in Turkey was written in the stars, so is Gavin Newsom’s 2024 presidential victory written in the stars. Mr. Newsom will be the President of the USA. And then he will prove that Desantis is a war criminal.

    • You must be smoking too much wacky tobacco. Newscum is a pervert and political satanist. People like you are supporting the demise of America. You are probably a sock puppet account related our resident trollbecile too. That is my bet. I will have Manuel check your IP address. Dolt!

      • Shut up 50roach! You think this poor person is me? Please leave this lad alone and get yourself into a padded cell before you seriously physically harm yourself or others. I don’t care about Newsom anyways because I don’t watch politicians/corporate news from either party.

    • Correlate your astrology to include the apocalypse of left coast perverted trash.
      Newscum, Getty, Pelosi, and Brown. All a corrupt family and kabal of political satanists. Of course, you wouldn’t know about those family secrets reading your ephemeris and astrology psuedoscience/occultist books.
      Lame ass trollbeciles like you should move to redchina and see how they tolerate useless trash.

    • Oh, so we are using Astrology to determine the next President 🙂 Awesome. Good job at trashing this chat. Only a Paid Troll would post such nonsense. No real person would consider it logical and newsworthy.

  9. If that cloud went north to the Canadickwads,
    I’m sure they’ll be grateful!
    On the other hand, I doubt that their mental
    functions could become any WORSE from a
    sniff or two of Dioxin!

  10. No surprise. Covering up crimes is standard operational procedure with marxist-satanists. Ohio was targeted as most there vote Conservative. Votes don’t matter anymore either. When you hear news buttclowns saying how we will beat them in the next election, that’s how you know they are shills and douchewads.

    • Stop voting for man/woman and stop supporting the S.O.S. rituals known as elections. I “vote” ONLY for Yeshua Jesus who is God (Yahweh) ALONE. When you call a true disciple a “sat.anist” you have committed a horrible sin (blaspheming the spirit).

  11. It’s simple. The food supply has been under attack for over 2 years…but they have to get the environment too so people can’t hunt or fish. Probably going to war with Russia soon, and that will be justification for the crash of the financial markets, the housing market, supply chain breakdown, etc. All these things are already teetering on collapse, and the war merely helps all the dummies makes sense of it when it all happens at once. Then…great travail, not seen since the days of Noe. Everyone who thought they would escape the coming peril is being shown otherwise. The only “escape” is by acknowledging that your Creator exists…and growing closer to Him.

    • Plant a garden, get some unvaxxed chickens. Now you can specify which type of chickens. Yep, they are mRNA jabbing chickens, pigs, beef, and turkeys.

      Or depending where you live, local butchery may be helpful. Don’t eat any vaxxed meats if you can help yourself. Anything in retail supermarkets is suspect now. That is my opinion.

      • You don’t even need to eat that stuff to become an enraged, flesh-eating, zombified super soldier, 50rowch. Your fruits and rottenness prove you are completely demonically possessed, and you have lost your salvation, if you even had it in the first place. Your eyes are probably pitch-black as night (soulless akin to those “imaginary” babies you can look up online on Odysee) and you have so many contradictions it makes my head spin.