San Francisco Curfew: Residents Banned From Leaving Home After Midnight on Tuesday For Anything But Doctor’s Visits or Grocery Shops to Fight Coronavirus

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San Francisco curfew lockout in March 2020. Picture: TMZ Composite

San Francsisco mayor London Breed is about to announce a lockdown that will last until April 7.

People will not be allowed to leave home after midnight on Tuesday for anything but doctors visits or grocery store shops. 

Six counties in the wider bay area have told residents to ‘shelter in place’ for all non-essential travel. 

Governor Cuomo announced on Monday the state of New York’s bars, restaurants, movie theaters and gyms will close at 8pm. 

New Jersey is enacting a curfew of 8pm until 5am – people should only leave their homes for essential travel between those hours.

The governor did not define what ‘essential travel’ was or what will happen to anyone who does leave their home between those hours without an excuse. 

Cuomo wants Trump to issue shut down rules to bars and restaurants across the country but is frustrated that he won’t.   

There are now more than 4,000 cases in America, 950 in the state of New York and more than 300 in New York City. 

71 people have died but all experts and officials say numbers will continue to rise drastically. 

Trump said on Monday the current crisis could last until August but said he was not considering a lockdown. More coronavirus pandemic news on Strange Sounds or Steve Quayle. [DailyMail]

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  1. I have tried put news and info my INTEL .. It did not gone through/
    May be you had system issues.. Please do not censorship me.We are all in same shoes indeed, We send you love from all over world. SHANTY

  2. Well we told you cities are center of storms and will be a big price pay when we all live in big cities. Martial Law all components will be shaping and we have told you all strange sounds readers warning before. Wait until mass shaking of North west taking place with trillions of Gallons of Water Vancouver BC to California going toward stressed fault lines. We have cities will fall like never seen before , there is no social politeness any more instead we behave friendly toward each others . Cities will be no social orders soon. If you can get out of cities. We warned you bank run in globe is taken place. Now
    if you have RV or similar get out and bug out and never say any one where is your destinations. We need close Canadian close borders with USA. When official say do not buy food , food will be on stores , that means never things become normal again for long time.2-8 weeks is not reality. We told you 2 months ago things needs be done, now some of them are implemented in North America. Who want vaccine of Corona lol..? All governments of world lies about Disease X and Seoul is only one close to truth? PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE we will all go to CODE RED?

  3. Meanwhile the homeless are still free to use the sidewalks as their personal toilet and shoplift whatever they want knowing that they will not be arrested thanks to the ultra liberal District Attorney.

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