China has no food and no money to feed its citizens

china has no food and no money to feed its citizens
china has no food and no money to feed its citizens. Picture via Youtube video

It seems that China neither has food, nor money to feed its citizens.

The food crisis in China is quite an embarrassment for the government of the second-largest economy in the world.

Now, Myanmar is all set to expose China’s desperation for rice.

Watch the video below for more.

Kennedy Junior just said we should avoid the Covid vaccine at all costs. More on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Thanks a lot all people, great info indeed, China wants eat the planet, China owns Iran next 40 years , they do not know when regime changes by Nuking or the army of hunger people in Iran, We will trash the treaty right away. Hal Turner was saying in his radio that F16 was armed and shut down by Chinese in Michigan. Also the pilot is no where to find. Next day there was 3.4 quake in close Virginia that he said was Chinese soldiers died 50K i believe. So a lot of things going on and all comments very truly A+ i give , instead of respond individually. Please visit you tube Jason A and watch his uplifting videos as well like always. Shanty

  2. Stop blaming China and CCP. No human would ever do this much evil to another being. Its all the work of the Vatican (antichrist), they pull all strings and play you into choosing a side and hating another side, its all the Vaticans work.

  3. Why do you name the Chinese with their problems, it doesn’t come to you with the crown Virus?. They’re eating us all over the land, they want to kill us all with their viruses, selling us stuff at half price since they’re copies, seize planet earth. Remove the United States and other countries from the map forever. Please no more comments or news about these bastards, who are gradually taking over the Earth and all its inhabitants, doing things to us outside this world. Thank you.

  4. Now in Russia, prices are growing not only for real estate and cars, but also for food. They have grown very much, and people have very little money. If this continues, there will be riots.

  5. Well Chinese people are spy and belong to communist China , they occupy China Cover BC and Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec so the Chinese put soldiers in the lands.
    We must hopeful Chinese starve and change their government that use them for cheap labor only. Slavery indeed.

    • in Russia, under the cursed tsarism, there was exactly the same phenomenon.
      Russian peasants were starving,and the Tsar’s government was selling wheat to Europe.

  6. China still way overpopulated, food has gone up in price now in the U.S. Not a time to consider raising a family.

  7. Wrong, they just stole the United States, they have our food and you know Biden will give it to them, just like Americas secret’s and it’s industry.

    • Easier to control a population that is starving?

      Why do you think our homegrown marxists always try and destroy the middle-class and entrepreneurs?
      They want a population that is stupid, dependent, and compliant. —Easier to enslave the population.

      • Problem is most adults are stupid/lack left brain function when it comes to knowing the globalist agenda 2030, they have no idea as they are self absorbed in their own tiny world. 5% of adults are tuned in and the other 90% either want Marixist controllers or just don’t care about anything. Kids today raise themselves and apathetic parents don’t teach them values and work ethics and refuse to discipline. These are reasons husband and I are recluses and uninvolved in community, social activities and churches (dropped out thirty yrs ago), also family dysfunction. Many tuned in have dropped out also and home church or go online. America as we know it is over.

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