WEF meeting 2023: Record attendance expected at Davos for World Economic Forum


List of attendees of the WEF’s annual summit in Davos has been leaked. The list includes FBI director Chris Wray, the CEOs of Amazon, BlackRock, and Pfizer, top officials at the Gates Foundation and in the Soros network, and the publisher of The New York Times, among other “record” 52 heads of state and nearly 600 CEOs…

Record attendance expected at Davos for World Economic Forum 2023
Klaus Schwab to see “record” 52 heads of state and nearly 600 CEOs attend his World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos next week. Picture by Wang Hua

A record number of business and government leaders will descend on the Swiss resort of Davos next week to pore over challenges ranging from global economic slowdown to environmental collapse as the World Economic Forum (WEF) returns to its winter slot.

Criticised by some as a talking shop for the jet-set that merely adds to the world’s carbon footprint, the forum insists it has the power to bring decision-makers together in a world facing multiple crises amid growing geopolitical mistrust.

“We are all stuck in a crisis mindset,” WEF executive chairman and founder Klaus Schwab told the pre-meeting news conference of a world grappling with the Ukraine war, climate change and simultaneous energy and food supply crunches.

The last in-person Davos winter gathering was in 2020, just days before the Covid-19 outbreak was declared a global health emergency. The 2021 event was held virtually and last year’s was shifted from January to May after a spike in infections.

“Davos should help to shift that mindset,” Mr Schwab said of a week-long set of discussion panels, informal gatherings and events under the banner of “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”.

Here’s is the attendee list of the WEF 2023 at Davos: WEF meeting 2023 list of confirmed attendees

While the Russian delegation will be conspicuous by its absence, organisers hailed a record turnout in terms of the number and diversity of participants, with expectations of a “high-level” Chinese presence.

Here’s is the redacted attendee list of the WEF 2023 at Davos: Redacted attendee list WEF 2023 at Davos

Fifty-two heads of state and government will show up next to 56 finance ministers, 19 central bank governors, 30 trade ministers and 35 foreign ministers. Heads of the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Trade Organisation will be among 39 leaders of international agencies.

The upmarket ski resort will host its biggest ever business participation, with 600-plus CEOs among 1,500 business leaders that include the highest ever number of female executives.

Discussions are due to focus on short-term challenges like how to avoid the risk of a global recession in 2023 and how to ensure a failing global effort to tackle climate change is not set back even further by the energy crunch exacerbated by the Ukraine war and sanctions on Russia.

Organisers said Ukraine, which dominated last year’s forum, would send another high-level delegation and that there would be several sessions related to the war. [Independent.ie]

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  2. My invite musta got lost in the mail, was really looking forward to attending. Had a lot to say, darn usps!

  3. A “crisis mindset, of a world grappling with the Ukraine war, climate change and simultaneous energy and food supply crunches?
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