Photo from a meeting in Biden’s situation room last night regarding Iran… Something weird to observe!


Notice all the name placards on the table are facing Biden so he doesn’t forget the names of his own cabinet when addressing them, including Vice President Harris…

Biden meeting situation room regarding Iran
Biden meeting situation room regarding Iran

Let’s see pictures of former presidents who needed the name placards pointed towards them.

Trump’s situation room

Obama’s situation room

Bush Jr.’s situation room

President George W. Bush meets with the National Security Council Wednesday, July 5, 2006, in the Situation Room at the White House. White House photo by Eric Draper,_July_5,_2006_in_Situation_Room.jpg

Clinton’s situation room

Bush Sr.’s situation room

Reagan’s situation room,_Situation_Room_-_NARA_-_198563.jpg

So why? Is he senile or it’s for the video call? This guy is really too old!

Hey friends, it’s time to wake up!

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  1. If you zoom in you will see name
    note placards on all the situation rooms.Though most seem to have been pushed away and ignored.
    Bidens are the only one that looks neat and used.
    He should have long since been removed.He’s either very incompetent or criminally evil.
    Either way it’s a disaster. They think he has any chance of legitimately winning reelection, they are deluded.

  2. This is an old photo; saw this posted some months ago somewhere. I’m sure the info is accurate. Biden’s a ‘nowhere man.’ But the photo was taken some months ago. Not Jan 2024

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