Oil train derailment prompts mass evacuations in downtown Custer, WA

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Oil train derails in Custer, WA, prompting mass evacuation and giant fire. Picture via Komo News

Whatcom County has ordered everyone within a half mile of downtown Custer to evacuate while first responders work to contain the area, after a train carrying crude oil derailed around 11:40 a.m. Tuesday.

First the confirmation of the accident by BNSF

And here the evacuation oder for Custer, WA

Three to five of the train’s tank cars have fully derailed and some are on fire, sending giant plumes of smoke in the sky.

In Custer’s downtown, both Grandview and Main Street have been closed at Portal Way, as officials try to keep residents away from the crash site.

Officials are still investigating the cause of the derailment. More breaking fire news on Komo News, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. .50cal Dec 22, 2020 At 10:38 pm

    An EMP attack is something to worry about.

    That’s why I don’t like private industry sending up satellites. People can be bribed or blackmailed. Look at our elected. Also satellite DEW and Microwave weapons.
    Yes body i am with you 100 percent. We must be prepare Prepare or We are all going to be in a very bad positions. Canada to Australia Europe now all trucks in line to go to UK. Shortages of food is reality now Covid 20 UK is scaring all of us?
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  2. This act of sabotage by terrorist ayatollahs since is anniversary of Ghasm Solimani . It has all signatures.
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    The spending portion keeps the government from shutting down
    They passed the House 359-53 in the House and the Senate 91-7 – both veto-proof figures
    But Trump, who sat out months of negotiations between Democrats and Republicans, demanded ‘a suitable bill’ in what seemed to be a veto threat
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    Hell to Nancy and her BS.

    • Mohsen,
      I think President Trump has planned ahead for all of this fraud.

      I stocked up some more on my canned goods. I usually eat them after six months, and then stock up again. My area gets supply shortages sometimes. Last time it took six months to get paper towels.
      European products are all on backorder from the phoney baloney kung-flu. Lockdowns, and so forth. Nobody is holding inventory again. Once again, the holidays are being ruined by the peddlers of misery.

      • Mohsen,
        An EMP attack is something to worry about.

        That’s why I don’t like private industry sending up satellites. People can be bribed or blackmailed. Look at our elected. Also satellite DEW and Microwave weapons.

  3. yeah, the eco-terrorists started all the fire in Australia last year. Pert near burned the whole country down. That sure helped the eco-system.

    • We had that terrorist-pyro trantifa game going on with forest fires too. They busted some of them.
      Didn’t get much press. Anything that doesn’t fit the narrative.

  4. Wonder if trantifa ghouls sabotaged the train tracks? Wouldn’t put it past them, or some eco-terrorist buttclowns?

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