Violent lahar descends from Semeru volcano destroying everything on its path in Indonesia (video)

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Terrifying video shows a furious lahar dragging a truck to death. Picture via Youtube video

What a furious lahar!

This violent mudflow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris and water destroyed everything on its path while descending the slopes of Semeru volcano in East Java, Indonesia.

The second video shows the widespread damage in the region:

It looks like a dam built in an effort to divert the flow of lava away from residential areas and agricultural areas Level II (Waspada) at Semeru broke down. Could this be the culprit of this amazing lahar? here a video:

So the origin is pretty much unknown. Normally, such lahars are triggered by heavy rains, but this one may have been caused by this dam breach. You remember what happened in India a few days ago?

I don’t know how long the water will take to clear itself… But i would buy bottled water for some times. What do you think?

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